100 Days of Being Happy

Today starts the #100DayProject.

The basic premise of the 100 Day Project is to create something for 100 Days. Create? Yes… anything… a poem, a song, play an instrument, scrapbook, draw, make a card, take photos. Just create for 100 Days.

This year my theme for the100 Day Project – is to become happy again. I feel like – due to all these health issues Im having – that I have lost my happiness. I want to regain my happiness again. I want to thrive in joy and happiness.

What brings me joy and happiness? Being healthy and creating with paper, especially cards, mini albums and scrapbooking. So for the next 100 Days beginning today…

I am going to start becoming happy again by filming every day for 100 days on how I am: actually it will be a once a week compilation. It’s hard to film, edit and post a video every day… but I can film, compile, edit and post once a week. That’s doable.

1. Gaining back my health. I cannot keep taking diabetic meds for the rest of my life. These side effects are awful. They lay me out every week for a day or two. Cooking healthy, nutritious meals and going for walks will be a good place to start.

2. Creating something everyday – using up some of never ending craft supplies.

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Lets get this 100 Days on the road. February 22 – June 2, 2023 is 100 Days.

Thanks for reading. What will you do for the next 100 Days?

Positively, Debbie

3 thoughts on “100 Days of Being Happy

  1. Helen Williams says:

    What will I do?

    I’m feeling rather lazy today because I’ve been fighting off an ugly head cold.

    So, as of today, I can only commit to praying everyday for 100 days (and beyond).

    But when I feel better, I think I should try to write something every day. A letter, a poem, a blog post – SOMETHING!

    I hope you cheer up soon.

    What med is it that wiping you out?

    So far, I’m pleased with the Trulicity.

    Seen any good movies lately?

    I love you! 🙂

    Love, Helen!


    • Positively Debbie says:

      Praying every day is a great project! I can always tell when you are knocking on Heavens doors for me. Your prayers matter. I think you should write more. You are an excellent writer. Trulicity is knocking me out too… my gut hurts so bad when I take any diabetic meds. I just need to eat better and move more… I’m so tired of meds making me sick.


    • Positively Debbie says:

      I haven’t been to the theaters but we watched the new Buzz Lightyear movie recently. Kim has a projector so we rearranged the furniture and watched it on our wall. It was cool. I also watched this movie through Apple TV – called Knock at the Cabin? Knock on the Cabin. It’s a movie based on a book. It’s an apocalyptic movie. Interesting. Different from the book cause in the book the little girl dies…in the movie she doesn’t. I guess that would make people mad.


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