About Me

Ways to Connect With Me:

email: positivelydebbie@gmail.com

phone: 719-287-5147

shop with me at: http://www.scrap4less.net



Long Version

My name is Debbie. I have been married for a long time. I have three grown children. Two grandchildren and a few adopted grandkids. I started crafting, going to the gym and blogging/vlogging to cope with life. I am a budding entrepreneur. I operate Booth #78 at Willowstone Marketplace and I recently bought a scrapbooking store that was going out of business. Yep! I am the new owner of Scrap4Less (keeping scrapbooking affordable). Prior to that I was an independent Stampin Up consultant. I also am an independent designer with Chalk Couture. That is a fun little home business if you have time and are interested.  I have three degrees in Business, Psychology and Special Education.   Blogging/vlogging is how I cope and remain positive in a world full of stresses and negativity.

Quirky – Even Longer –  Version

I love to work out – even though I complain a lot. Most days you can find me at the gym. I finally found an awesome fitness trainer and re-started my weight loss journey. I have 50 pounds to go. I am one exam away from becoming a certified fitness trainer. Once I get the ball rolling on my weight loss again, I will start studying. I did lose 115 pounds the first time… then gained 50… I had ankle surgery because I tore my peroneal tendon.

I have three dogs. A Malti-poo, a Chihuahua and a Great Dane… Jubilee, Journey and Hope. I hate the empty nest, which I have just entered. I love to read and write and scrapbook, make cards, chalk up a new design, shop for my booth, journal, crochet, play piano and I’m learning to like food prep.

And I just became a full-fledged, official, entrepreneur.

I love getting comments. Don’t forget to leave me comments. Comments make me happy.

And if there is anything that you see that you like – don’t forget to shop with me.


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