Just a Quick Intro

So I found this new blog site that I think I will like better than the one I previously used. We shall see. I am switching to this new blog site mainly to help me get my business as an Independent Consultant for Close to My Heart up and running.

ClosetoMyHeartIndependentConsultant Debbie Mussack http://www.mussacknotes.ctmh.com

Starting on September 1st, I joined a 30 day Challenge by Megan Elizabeth from Above Rubies Studio. There are three areas of life that we are working on improving during this time – spiritual, health and growing our business. Getting the word out there about what we are doing. It’s pretty cool. I am learning a lot about things I didn’t know about such as how to use Pinterest, Instagram and this blog site – WordPress, writing and implementing goals and time management.

One of my goals during this Challenge is to break my weight loss plateau which I have been stuck at for quite some time. During these next 30 days I am going to eat clean, take my supplements and up my protein intake since I am starting a more intense strength training fitness program. Spiritually, I am going to read the Psalms and Proverbs every day and get myself back to church – even if it’s just on Sunday night. Growing my business, I want to learn how to use technology to my advantage to help me market my skills. I am going to make a scrapbook layout or card or some project every day for the next 28 days.  Keep your eye out for upcoming Etsy Store.

I also started a somewhat full time job – as a long term SPED resource guest teacher for a local charter school – so time management has to be a skill I learn quickly in order to avoid burnout. Between work – Close to My Heart – and going to the gym I will be a very busy chickadee.

Lots of changes. Lots to do and Lots to learn. Bring it on. (But slowly – OK God?) Already, this morning I have to deal with a leaky water faucet on my water heater, some financial issues, and a icky feeling tummy. But I will do it and I’m not going to let it bring me down!

As Megan says – Enjoy the Moments!

#growingabusiness #closetomyheart #30daysbyME


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