No Better Time

No better time than the present is how the saying goes. So I guess it is no better time than the present to get this ball rolling. I have been wanting to write on my blog more often. I keep telling myself, I will start in January and I will write a blog at least 3 times a week…And then I never do.

Well? I ask myself. Why wait til January? Why not start now? Start writing the blog and get into the habit.

So here is blog #1… A challenge to myself to blog everyday until December 28th. They say it takes about 21 days to make a habit. About what? I’m not sure of – this one thing I do know…everyday will hold something new – ish. Something I have created, thought about, imagined, or have done.

So here’s a quick update about myself…

I just had a birthday – on Black Friday. I turned 25 for the second time. Ironic that my 50th birthday fell on a Black Friday. I do have to say, I felt depressed. I have been struggling with depression a lot lately. You would think that by the time one turns 50, they have overcome identity crises and know who they are and what their purpose is in life. Nope. I turned 50 and wondered – now what? Why do they call it over the hill? Am I now on the downhill side? How much time do I have left? Where is everyone? Why do I feel so lonely – even though I have lots of friends? Is this normal?

I don’t feel 50. After losing 100 pounds and with 40 more to go til I hit my goal… I don’t feel 50. I feel pretty good – physically


2014’s running award.



2015’s running award. I shaved 57 minutes off my time…Not too shabby

But mentally?

2016’s challenge is going to be Bring Back the Joy!  That will be the main focus of my blog. Hope you join me on this journey to regain my joy with your comments, suggestions, advice and how you bring joy to your life. What makes you happy?


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