The Empty Nest – Yea! I Did It!!

So…. recently, there has been a new baby hanging around our family… my daughters’ boyfriend has a 9 month old. He sure is cute too. (The baby – not the boyfriend). Anyways, I have noticed that every time the baby does something for the first time or the two hundred and twenty-seventh time, everybody always claps and says Yea!!!! You did it!!!

Now that I’m hitting the empty nest – (the end of this week) – they, (daughter and boyfriend), will be in their new place. I’m wondering who is going to cheer me on? Who is going to be there to say, Yea!!! You did it?

The empty nest is going to be hard. I’m not going to lie – Positively Debbie isn’t feeling very positive about the whole thing. Goodness, it’s been 32 years since I’ve been without a kid in the house.

So – how do I remain happy and positive in the empty nest?

  1. Remind myself that my kids will be here quite often… doing laundry, using my grill, bringing the baby over.
  2. Do things for ME – things that I have always put off doing because the kids always came first. Focus on ME
  3. I will have more time to scrapbook and get craft fair projects done.
  4. I can focus more on Willowstone and running my vendor business.
  5. I was so busy focusing on making my children’s dreams come true… that maybe now… my dreams can come true.
  6. Maybe – I will change my wardrobe and get a tattoo…. HA!
  7. I can travel more, find a church to go to, and blog about life in the empty nest.
  8. I could even take up gardening and raising chickens.
  9. I really want to get my black belt in karate.
  10. I will remind myself that I don’t want to be the Grandma that sits around all day and does nothing. I want to get out and enjoy living.

Sigh….. that feels a little better. But I’m still sad : (

How did you handle the empty nest? How do you think you will handle the empty nest?

Does it get better?

I am happy though…. Today… my fitness trainer said I rocked my workout. I learned how to fold a fitted sheet the proper way. I did laundry, mopped the kitchen floor and wrote this blog. AND – I grilled my own chicken on my new outdoor grill. Then I made a salad, with a romaine lettuce mix and added spinach, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and the rest of my fruit cup from Chick-Fil-A and the chicken.

folded fitted sheet

grilled chicken

Grilled chicken salad

So yummy… and Yea!!!!! I did it!!!

Empty nest or not – I will remain

Positively, Debbie

P.S. In the featured photo, is a nest some cliff dweller birds built in my doorway. Today, the baby birds started flying… I thought it was so cool to watch… They have no fear. I will miss them…



One thought on “The Empty Nest – Yea! I Did It!!

  1. Danielle Reed says:

    Maybe you should put “hang out with your friends” in the list, because you have at least one that is looking forward to spending time with you! (*this chick!*) I’ve had kids for over 30 years as well and I’m actually looking forward to them being ready to fly the nest so I can have my house all to myself!!!!


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