Stampin’ and Chalkin’ and My BlogBer Challenge to Myself

Forgive me, dear readers for not having been on here in awhile. I had internet issues, which wound up with me having to get a new internet provider. All is well, now. I am back up and running.

Lots of news!

The 2018 Holiday Catalog from Stampin Up starts tomorrow. I just put in my order for my Halloween card crafting and a few items that I’m thinking of doing my yearly Christmas cards with.

Check out tomorrow to see all the Holiday goodies.

Then in Chalk Couture news… I promoted up to Master Designer. So exciting! I have two recruits now. This Chalk Couture business is booming. I would love to have you join my Team. For $240 worth of product you only spend $99… and you get a lot!

As of right now this is what you get in your kit –

Kit Contents
1 Designer Start-Up Guide 
1 Pack Of Thank You Cards (12) 
1 Chalk Couture Apron 
1 Small Squeegee 
8 Chalk Transfers (Various Sizes) 
• Create (A) 
• Have Courage (A) 
• Ask Me How (B) 
• Established Wreath (B) 
• Explore More (B) 
• Farm Sweet Farm (B) 
• Vision Board (B) 
• Club Couture Chalk Transfer Of The Month (B) 
5 Chalkology Pastes (3 Oz. Jars) 
• Currant Jam 
• Garden Herb 
• Peacock 
• Storm 
• White 
1 Aiden White Chalkboard (9” × 12”) 
1 Boutique Board (10”, Round)Also, tomorrow starts the ‘Ber’ months, which, in my opinion, is the official start of the Holiday Seasons… so what better time to do something that I have never done before. I will share how I am making it through the holidays, being in the empty nest. Motivational, crafting, fitness, healthy living and holiday tips when feeling blue are posts that I hope will inspire you .

I will challenge myself to write everyday from September 1st – December 31st…. (even if it’s only a paragraph) I will call it the Blogber challenge. I’m not sure if I will Vlog everyday…. cuz editing videos can be so time consuming… but I do want to discipline myself to vlog at least twice a week. I will usually add my vlogs to my blog… but if you want to watch them….

You can catch my vlogs over on my channel at



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