Stampin Up Making a Difference – COVID-19 Product Giveback

Stampin Up is offering a digitial download stamp set… all the proceeds go to:

The World Health Organization’s COVID – Solidarity Relief Fund or to

United Way WorldWide’s Covid-19’s Community Response and Recovery Fund. 

I definitely had to get this – I just ordered mine…


I love the sentiments – I printed mine on regular copy paper and I will go back and copy it on cardstock… I love the sentiments –

I’d totally share my toilet paper with you

What a year this week has been

I’ve just been working on my homebody

Love Conquers All Things


Order yours from here:

Use the lighthearted and heartfelt sentiments to brighten somebody’s day. Start making a card right away. It downloads to your email – quickly.


Thank you

I’ll remain

Positively, Debbie


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