Why October and The Colors of October

I didn’t feel good yesterday, so today, I am combining two blogs into one for my Days Two and Three of Two Weeks Til Halloween, Reformation Day or The Last Day of October…

Did you ever wonder how October got its name? I was wondering that the other day. So… I googled it. (Good old Google). I mean after all, Octo means eight. An octagon has eight sides. An octopus has eight tentacles. Why is October the tenth month and not the eighth month. Apparently, back in the days of the old Roman calendar, October was the 8th month. January and February had not been added yet. Julius Caesar introduced the Julian calendar in 45 B.C.E. and added the months January and February. Apparently, Julius Caesar and Augustus Caesar wanted a month named after them…so July and August was added to the calendar and October got bumped up to the tenth month.

Interesting…. or as Spock would say, fascinating…

The Colors of October

Some of my favorite colors of October this year are:

dusty blue and burgundy –

sunset oranges and greens – not lime greens, jade green, olive greens, hunter greens, and emerald greens

golds and browns maybe mixed with a hint of blush pink or magenta

rustic colors – my favorite this year is a Stampin Up Color – Cinnamon Cider

grays are a good rustic color too.

Mauveish tones and black.

some yellows are good too but only if they are subdued and not bright yellow. Bright yellow is too springtimey.

Here are some scrapbooking mini page kits I put together using these colors.

What are your favorite fall colors?

Loving October and all it’s colors

Positively, Debbie

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