More Changes!!

I guess if things weren’t changing – we wouldn’t be growing. Change is the catalyst for growth. I am pretty sure that is a quote by somebody but I don’t whom…

Personal: I got my new glasses!!! I can see the medium sized font now!!! I am so excited! I got two pairs – one for all time use and one for reading and doing up close work. I can see so much better now. I got blue block lenses, which is really helping with the glare. My night vision has improved about 80%. They took awhile to get used to – since the eye that didn’t have the cataract surgery is a lot weaker now than the eye with the new lens – but, gradually, it has been improving.

Business: Most of you who know me, also know that I own Scrap4Less and a vintage, antique, whimsy, resell booth, which are both located in Willowstone Marketplace on Garden of the Gods road. Recently, all the vendors got a notice that Willowstone is reducing the size of their building. Only 91 booths will be available, I think there will still be some tables and some display cabinets. Scrap4Less is one of the booths that won’t be kept in the reduction – so now I have to move Scrap4Less. The store has made the decision to let me stay. YEAH!!! Now, I just have to move my booths around in the store. Scrap4Less will no longer be located right across from the bathrooms, after Oct 4th – Scrap4Less will be located in the front! Even better!!! Go through the front door and turn left. Right now it is booth 401 – 403. I don’t know if the booths will get assigned new numbers. (Probably. I will keep you updated) and my resell booth will be back where booth 60 is now – only it will be turned into a 10 x 10. This next weekend will be very busy… cuz not only will we be busy moving the booths around but it also the third major change that makes me saddened.

Family: Since 2011, my daughter has been either living with me or nearby me and now – due to a really great job opportunity, she will be packing up and moving herself and my unborn grandson, 4 hours away to live and work. My heart is sad, but I also know that if her dad and I had ever had this kind of job opportunity, we would’ve taken it in a heart beat. I cant be mad at her. She still is and will always be my best friend. I guess it gives her dad and I more opportunity to travel with the RV now. Because, come blizzard, hailstorm or sunshine, I’m going to be there with her when my grandchild is born.

Here are some of the ways I am going to cope with these changes:

  • I am going to embrace the changes and look for the positive. My eyesight is so much better. Scrap4Less will be more up front. David and I get to travel more
  • I am going to focus on eating healthier and getting back to getting healthier and fit.
  • I am going to schedule more consistent content to my blog and my You Tube channel
  • I am going to find a church to attend

Those are my goals to help me deal with the changes. All I know is that between now and next week, there is much work to get done. Moving day at Willowstone is Sunday and Monday. My daughter wants to be to her new job by Friday. Lots to get done.

Change feels like a whirlwind, it happens so fast.

Embrace the change and keeping a positive attitude

Positively, Debbie

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