And So We Begin…Again – Planning and Reflecting

And just like that, another New Year is upon us. There were parts of 2021 that went along really slooooooowly and other parts of 2021 that just flew by. I wondered where the days were going. Then again, what with having two eye surgeries in one year, a cold at the end of spring and Covid right after Thanksgiving, I feel like I lost a few days last year. (Especially during Covid). Now that 2022 is here – hopefully my health will start to improve. I have new eyeglasses, which are great. They have blueblocking lenses, which I never realized how much I needed them since I’m looking at my computer screen quite a lot.

December, being laid up in bed and quarantined for 10 days… I got to do a lot of reflecting of what I want this New Year to look like, how I want to change and what I can do to activate those changes. I redid my 12 Commandments of Debbie (one for each month). I got this idea a few years ago after reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.

  1. Be Debbie – Always – Basically, don’t compare myself to others and try be like them because I think they are doing it better… Just be me
  2. Stick To It – be consistent and stick to it until it is finished.
  3. Move It – get out of bed, go for a walk,
  4. Influence People, Win Friends – sounds like a book but it’s true. I want my blogs and videos to make an influence and help me make friends.
  5. Life Life Joyfully – Consider it all joy is what the Bible says.
  6. Always Be Grateful – for everything
  7. Grow In Faith – I really want to find a church I can call home
  8. Live Healthy – I know gluten and dairy are not good for me cause I get sick every time I eat anything that has it in it… so why do I keep doing it?
  9. Create the Life You Love – Love the Life You Create – I love creating and making cards. I love having a clean, organized and tidy house.
  10. Live Abundantly – God promises to prosper us – but He also wants us to work.
  11. Let God Go Before Me – I can’t do this unless God is paving the way for me.
  12. Plan Ahead – Be Prepared. – I need a schedule

Each month, maybe more than once, I will visit each of the commandments.

Goodbye 2021 – Hello 2022

Resolutions for January – Be Debbie – Always – I always start out my 12 commandments with this one. I think it is the best place to begin. After all the only person we can really change is ourselves. I sometimes wish I could be like other people who seem to have everything together, spotless homes, everything organized, always looking their best. But if I had a spotless home, I probably wouldn’t have my Great Danes, Chihuahua or MaltiPoo. If I had everything organized, I probably wouldn’t like to be a crafter or a reseller. If I always looked my best, I wouldn’t feel most comfortable in warm fuzzy pants, and an oversized sweatshirt. Gretchen Rubin wrote “You can choose what you do, but you cant choose what you like to do.” – I would’ve loved to be a teacher… but I do better as an entrepreneur. I can set my own hours and I don’t feel tied down to a job that would probably stress me out. Here are some ways, I can Be Debbie – Always.

When I write let my voice shine through and not anyone else’s.

Accept my limitations

Know my why and my values.

Just me – Being Debbie

Then onto habits… Habits I want to really start working on this month are:

Get out of bed and get dressed.

Walk – when the weather is nice – walk. If I can only go halfway around the block now because I get too fatigued from the lingering effects of Covid, then I will do it. Walking will be the best thing for me right now

Cook at home… it is getting so expensive to eat out. But being Debbie and all – I hate cooking. I hate the planning, prepping and cleaning. But… I need to do it… so this Debbie needs to find a way to like it. (Any ideas?)

Blog twice a week and make two videos for You Tube twice a week. (If I do more that is awesome)

Go live on Scrap4Less – every Wednesday

Well thats the reflecting and planning I did in December to start the New Year With.

Leave me some comments, suggestions, advice…

Thanks for reading.

I’ll be…

Positively, Debbie

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