Jubilant January

My word for the year is Positive… I really need to work on less negative – more positive this year. Being happy and joyful make me feel more positive. So does feeling organized. That is why I am starting January out organizing my scrapbook/craft/storage room. Once I get this done, I can devote more to doing what makes me happy.

My work room is in a state of disarray since I am in the process of getting it organized. I am moving my scrapbook area from one part of the house to another. I am trying to create more room so I can start holding classes in my houses for those who want to scrap, chat and snack. See my two Cricut machines in the background? Yea. One is my Cricut Expression and the other is my Cricut Expression 2.

I found this wonderful new desk set at Office Max. It’s a four piece U-shaped unit with a hutch. Perfect ideal space to blog, create and do business. I felt very Jubilant when I found this at a really awesome price while out shopping with my daughter.

My new work station - a work in progress

More of the workroom being organized...

More of the workroom being organized…

My new work station = a work in progress… When it’s done I can devote my time to running, fitness  creating. Find the Happy!!! 

Anyways a brief tutorial on what I am making. I found the idea for making an explosion insert on CardMaker’s Facebook page. It’s on Pinterest too. I will put my finished creation on my Scrapbook page. Off to do some more organization.


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