Semi-Colons: Keep Moving Forward

No this is not a post on how to use semi-colons in proper, grammatical function. This is a post on how semi-colons can motivate me in my fitness and nutrition.

I came across this picture today (on Pinterest) and it really inspired me. Iphone Jan 2015 095 Sometimes fitness and nutrition become hard…really hard. The muscles are sore and your mouth is craving a piece of cake or a bag of Cheetos. You know it isn’t possible though because if you stopped working out your muscles would stop hurting, the calories would stop burning as quick and your metabolism would go back to square one. If you cheated on your nutrition – you would feel sick, sick, sick. Allergies would kick back in, the gut would start acting up and your immune system would take a dive-bomb. I so want to quit you say

And then you see it! The semi-colon. Not a comma. Not a period.  A comma makes you take a pause. A period makes you stop. But the semi-colon? A period and a comma? The picture I saw said “The semi-colon represents the ability to stop but the choice is to keep moving forward.”

In grammar – a semi-colon takes the place of a period between two independent clauses. Both clauses could stand alone as two separate sentences. What the semi- colon does is give you a choice. You can stop after the first sentence or you can choose to move on and read the next sentence. And wouldn’t you rather read on to see how the story is going to end?

1st choice – Stop after the first sentence? My workouts are hard. I won’t stop.

2nd choice – Decide to keep going?  My workouts are hard; I won’t stop. 

I will use the semi-colon and choose to keep going on.

Nutrition is hard; I like lettuce wrap sandwiches. 

Thanks little semi-colon for the lesson; I will keep moving forward and pressing on with my goals. Are there any areas in your life where you can add a semi-colon? Your story isn’t over yet.

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