Father’s Day 2015

Revisiting an old blog on another site that I wrote 3 years I found a post of something I had written for my Dad many years ago. My mom still has a framed copy on her wall. I thought I would share it again today.

Brief History – My dad Samuel F. Bullers was born in 1933 and passed away in 2011. He loved cars and singing about Jesus. He was a great mechanic – which he made his life’s work. We traveled a lot in my childhood. When I was 5, Dad bought a motor home and signed up with the MAPs program through the Assembly of God. We traveled with Dad as we moved from state to state (Iowa, Arizona, Tennessee) with Dad catching Union jobs with the Operating Engineers and building and planting churches. I went to a different elementary school every year, but I wouldn’t change all the adventures I had growing up for anything. Here’s to my Dad. The one who taught me about life, singing, how to drive and how to turn life into an adventure. I miss you Dad. I look even more forward to continuing on this journey and doing my best cuz someday, I know I will see him again.

For Dad

On March 27th 2011… after a battle with congestive heart failure, Dad made a right turn and took the exit ramp from the Earthly highway into the Kings Highway. His destination was heaven and the direction he had been given for the Journey was Jesus saying, “I AM THE WAY.”

Dad had traveled many miles before he made it to this destination. Sometimes his journey was slow, sometimes he was tempted by the many billboards and rest stops that enticed him to pull off for awhile. But always, Dad got back on the highway, never taking his foot from the accelerator, continuing to move forward, never looking back.

Dad also had the privilege, while driving on this highway, to be a driving instructor. He taught his five students to stay between the lines, when to shift gears, how to manage the clutch, the gas pedal and the brake, how to make minor repairs, change the oil, and change a flat tire. He taught us when to go, when to slow down, when to speed up and to never, never give up even when it seems to tough to go on.

Dad taught me well, because I too am now driving on this journey with my GPS set for the Kings Highway. Sometimes, I wish I was back in in the passenger seat with Dad in the drivers seat, especially, when this vehicle of mine needs repair. I know what Dad would say though, the same thing he always said when his vehicle was in need of repair.

“Needs a tune-up, check the oil, change the spark plugs and don’t worry daughter the Master Mechanic will keep your engine runing smoothly if you submit to His vehicle inspection.

“It’s a highway to heaven, none can go up there but the pure in heart. It’s a highway to heaven…driving up the Kings Highway…”

“And an Highway shall be there, and a road, and it shall be called the Highway of Holiness…” Isaiah 35:8
I’m on my way Dad…Thanks for the driving lessons
See ya later alligator…

After while crocodile

Yea I know. I bought a Ford.

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