In the Mood…..

No – not like that. Just in the mood to write something. Anything. I don’t know what yet. I don’t have a plan for this blog. I just feel like writing. I really need to do more of it. There is so much inside me that I always want to say but sometimes it is hard talking about it. Writing seems so much more easier. Blogging is a good outlet.

I haven’t blogged in awhile. I need to set a writing schedule and stick to it.

Monday Motivators – inspiration, quotes, insights that help motivate me and might help motivate others

Tuesday Tales – just stories – about life – might be fictional – might be true.

Wednesday BusinessDay – updates and happenings with my booth in Willowstone and Close to My Heart news.

Thursday Throwbacks – things that I have written in my journal and am ready to share with the world.

Friday Findings – opinions, ponderings and the way I see it.

(themes are subject to change)

Today – JD was telling me how drive thru’s came to be. He said some of the first drive thrus started on military installations because military personnel were not allowed to get out of their vehicles whilst in uniform.


Well let’s look it up

On January 24, 1975, McDonald’s opened its first drive-thru window in Sierra Vista, Arizona near an Arizona military base— to serve soldiers who weren’t permitted to get out of their cars while wearing fatigues. This service gave Americans a fast, convenient way to procure a quick meal. The company’s goal was to provide service in 50 seconds or less. Drive-thru sales eventually accounted for more than half of McDonald’s systemwide sales.

In May 1999, that historic location closed forever so that a new McDonald’s restaurant could open next to it.
The first McDonald’s drive-thru is being torn down and replaced by a parking lot to serve the new McDonald’s.


Interesting – but why couldn’t the military get out of their cars while wearing fatigues?

I can’t really find any information about the military not being able to get out of their cars while wearing fatigues but I found this website:

11 “In Uniform” Rules Every Military Spouse Should Know

I do remember David not being able to wear his uniform off post whenever we went somewhere or he could get into trouble if he was caught. I didn’t know about the hand holding rule, or keeping the right hand empty in case you need to salute rule or the no talking on cellphones while in uniform rule and no eating while walking with a uniform on rule. Who knew?

I suppose somewhere there is information about not being able to get out of your vehicle while wearing a military uniform. If you happen across it – will you post the link?

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