The Way I See It -What I Think Is Trending This Christmas

Is it just me or does this year seem kind of humdrum in retail. Nothing seems to really be trending. Usually, every year there is that one item that is so extremely popular that everyone must have it. This year, I’m not seeing it. Or I’ve just grown up this year. (Naaaahhhh)

Remember the year the Tickle Me Elmo was trending? Last year it was everything Frozen. This year? I’m really not sure. But here is my list of 5 things that in my opinion are trending this Christmas season, (especially in the world of crafting)

Most of the places I shop at are craft stores and department stores – These are the places I am basing my ideas off of.

Not in any particular order.

  1. Grown-up coloring books – NO! Nothing Dirty. But these fancy coloring books are everywhere. The minute you walk into Michael’s you are bombarded with fancy coloring books. Below is a coloring page you can color.

Coloring Page

Of course, when buying a fancy coloring book, you will also need colored pencils, preferably the water color kind with a blending pen, blending markers like the Copics, gelatos, watercolor paints, stickers and the list goes on and on.

2. Second trending thing – the new IPad Pro because who doesn’t need a whopping big IPad to replace the really small IPad Air that you just bought a year ago and works perfectly fine. Plus it would work really well for Periscope videos. Right?

3. Planners (which will probably be another blog on another day). Currently, I have a Vera Bradley Planner, a Happy Planner, a Heidi Swapp planner, a Beautiful Mess Planner and a mini three ring binder with some monthly and weekly calendar pages and loose leaf paper with dividers. (ooooohhhh, I feel a give away coming on. For every comment you leave I will enter you into a drawing that I will hold on December 28th. Winner will get the Heidi Swapp planner) 

I think I might stick with the Happy Planner. I just like the layout of it. Of course with the planners you must buy stickers and washi tape and pencils and markers, etc. etc.

4. An Instax Mini 8 camera – because who doesn’t need a Polaroid camera that can take instant mini photos that are (I think) 2.5 x 2.5 inches? I think they are kind of cool and they seem to be pretty popular. I’m thinking of asking Santa for one.

Last but not least…

5. Anything Star Wars. Darth Vader waffle makers, R2 – D2 refrigerator, comforters, pillows, glasses, boxes, clothes, journals, etc. etc. Not just toys. Star Wars is happening… Soon!!!!

Well, there you have it; What I think the top 5 trending things are – especially in the world of crafting. What do you think is trending?






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