A Workout, a Deal and an Invitation

Monday Workouts

I have started writing my own workouts! I finished my NASM class in program design, so I have been practicing writing my own workouts. I will share them here once a week. Give them a try and give me some feedback. How did you like the workout? Was it hard? Too easy? What would you add or take away?

Here is my first workout! I wanted to work on legs, shoulders, arms, and core. I also worked in the stabilization endurance phase.

Warmup – Foam Roll any muscle groups that may be sore or feel tight.

Do these exercises in a circuit for a total of 3 sets.

Cardio – Jump Rope – At least 25 reps  (Keep jumping until you miss if you do more than 25 that is awesome! But don’t do any less than 25 jumps)

Plank hold on the balance ball – hold for 1 minute (you can do the hold on your elbows or with straight arms)

Single leg floor bridge – hold each leg for 30 seconds

Overhead cable triceps (stagger feet) – do 12, 15, 18 reps (I used 22.5 pounds – adjust weight accordingly)

Chest flys on the stability ball – 12, 15, 18 reps (I used 12.5 pounds – adjust weight accordingly)

As a cool down – stretch those tight muscles…


I have to share with you the awesome deal Close to My Heart is having. Boxing Days until Thursday 12/29/2016. Awesome deals of scrapbooking and cardmaking supplies that are about to retire. The prices are phenomenonal! I just bought a Cut Above Card Kit for under $5.50. They have stamp sets and thin cut bundles for under $14. Paper packs for under $10. I mean – SERIOUSLY! I love Boxing Days! If you are interested in any kind of papercrafting – I truly recommend you check out these specials. There are new deals everyday through Thursday. Each new day starts at 3pm. So log in to the link below every day to see what they are! You will be AWEmazed!



Join me in a book club. The first book we will read will be: The 5 Habits of a Woman Who Doesn’t Quit – by Nicki Koziarz

Do you ever feel like you always start something and then halfway through want to quit? I know I do. My word for this year is FOCUS. Something I really need to do. I think reading this book will be a good place to start in learning how to focus on completing tasks and not feeling overwhelmed by having too many priorities that I want to just give up and quit.

Who’s in?  I will set up a weekly discussion on my Facebook group at Positive Journeys.

You can order it from Amazon at the link below. The first discussion will be January 13th







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