Attempting Making Tussie Mussies

I am in a Pocket Letter swap group on Facebook called The Vintage Ones. This month instead of doing a pocket letter swap we were challenged to make Tussie Mussies. Why not? Not something you do every day and it was kind of fun. Probably, not something, I would make all the time but I think they would be cute for Christmas to hang on the tree with a gift card or candies inside and at Valentines Day.

Here is a website that explains what a Tussie Mussie is. Believe me, I didn’t know either.

Can you imagine living in the 1700’s without modern plumbing. For sure and certain, I would be carrying around a Tussie Mussie with some fragrant lilacs, lavender and gardenia and roses. It’s bad enough having men in the house with modern plumbing.

This link tells what the flowers mean. Enjoy!

Here are some pictures of some that I made.


Here’s a little mini Tussie Mussie – I used double sided paper from Close to My Heart. 4 x 4 in. and cut into two triangles. I rolled the triangle into a cone shape and decorated with ribbon, a ribbon tassel, a ribbon bow and ribbon around the top and some pearl sticker embellishments. I also used ribbon for the handle. Not bad. I thought it turned out cute. I learned while making it that I don’t like hot glue!!!


The first one I made with a toilet paper roll. So much easier than rolling up a paper cone. I added lace around the bottom. A ribbon bow with a pearl in the middle. A lacy vinyl sticker from the Dollar Tree around the middle and two layers of lace around the top. The embellishments are a flower and a butterfly sticker from the Dollar Tree. I added yellow mums. Mums mean cheerfulness under adversity.


Here’s the Halloween one I made with a toilet paper roll. I add some fringey twine that I double layered around the bottom. (I got it at Michaels) and some black sparkly ribbon at the top. I did the same pattern at the top – except you can’t see it. I used the fringey twine for the handle. I loved these flowers at Michaels that had the eyeball in it. Inside the tussie mussie I added purple mums. I added spider stickers to the front. I liked how it turned out.

Here’s the video of me attempting to make a Tussie Mussie.

Hope you like this video. If you make a Tussie Mussie – leave me a comment and share a picture of what you made. I would love to see it!!!

Make a Tussie-Mussie to give to someone to help cheer them up or make one to help cheer yourself up.
What is your story in flowers?


I’ll remain

Positively, Debbie

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