Excuse Busters

Dear Reader,

I am the queen of excuses. I kid you not. If there is a way I can weasel myself out of a workout or stay on my nutrition plan, I will find it and make the excuse. I have made a lot of them since I lost the first 115 pounds – then I hit a plateau and the weight stopped coming off and the excuses began.

Yesterday, started another 60 Day Challenge at Lifetime Fitness (the gym I have been going to for 6 years) – 60 Days to lose weight and challenge myself to stop making the excuses. (Plus, if I can lose the most weight, I can win prizes!)

I have been reading Excuses Be Gone by Wayne W. Dyer. So far it’s a really good read. He gives a list of 15 common excuses and I think I have made every one. Here are a two of the excuses he listed and the way I’m going to bust that excuse during the next 59 days.

1. It Will Be Difficult

Oh yeah! That’s a familiar excuse. I am always telling my trainer that sticking to nutrition is too hard. Well, it is. I have no support at home to eat healthy. My kids are buying pizza – having it delivered and eating it in front of me and they are always making McDonald runs. Or I set up my nutrition plan and then a friend calls and wants to go do lunch. My plan of eating just meat, fruits and veggies is too hard. I crave bread. The struggle is really, really real. So I tell myself – staying on nutrition is too difficult, it’s too hard, I can’t do it! I am doomed to be always be 50 pounds overweight. I discourage myself right out of even trying.
That’s what the excuse, “It will be difficult” does. It discourages you right out of even trying. Dr Dyer wrote, “you have absolutely no incontrovertible evidence that what you would like to change is actually going to be challenging.” To be the very best that I can be at running, fitness and weight loss, I have to change my belief that it’s going to be hard. “Making something difficult in your mind before you even undertake the effort is an excuse.” I’ve done it before. I lost the first 115 pounds – it wasn’t without its challenges, but I did it! I can do it again. (And it’s not that difficult to say no to McDonalds)

2. It’s Going to Be Risky

Life is risky. Walking across the street is risky. Getting in your car and driving is risky. In todays society, going out in public to a grocery store, movie theater, a rally is risky. You could get shot or mowed down by someone driving their car into the crowd. You can never be 100% certain that what you are undertaking is not going to be without risks.
Fear is what keeps you anticipating a risk and anticipating that risk keeps you from taking action. If you can convince yourself that you are too scared to take any chances, you can just keep going in your same old habits.
So what is stopping me from losing the last 59 pounds to reach my goal? Fear that once I reach a goal, I won’t have anything else to work for? Fear of what other people may say? Fear of getting hurt while working out?
Fears can be overcome and the best way to overcome a fear is to just do it.
I like what Dr. Dyer wrote: “Live your life from your convictions and fulfill your destiny.”
It doesn’t matter what others think. If they want to eat out and eat highly processed, deep fat fried, dripping with grease food that will clog up their arteries and send them to heart surgery in their 70’s or 80’s; Then let them – that’s the risk they’re taking. If I want to eat clean and eat my veggies and fruit and run then that’s what I’ll do. Sure, there will be risks. Maybe, I will get ankle injuries (like the one I have now) but when I am 80, I am going to hopefully avoid the hospital and be out running ultra’s.


These are just two excuses – two excuses that I have been making, which is hindering my weight loss progress. For the next 60 Days – my challenge to myself is to stop making these excuses. Next week, I’ll share a few more of my excuse busters.

What excuses do you make? How do you overcome them in your fitness and weight loss journey?

No more excuses – K?

Positively, Debbie

One thought on “Excuse Busters

  1. thelifemeblogger says:

    Fitness journeys reveal so much about ourselves, like how disciplined we really are and how deep we are willing to dig for our own health. It shows us patience and determination all at the same time! I am also on a health journey. I find the best moments are accomplishing those small goals! Good luck on your journey. You got this; but more importantly, you deserve this.


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