This Week in Pictures

It has been a long and eventful weekend. Lot of things going on.


The eclipse happened and I really liked this picture of the American flag eclipsing the sun.


My granddaughter started preschool and here she is on a Daddy/Daughter date. I love my son and granddaughter so much. They both make so happy.


Hope the Great Dane puppy and Journey the 8 year old dog.. They wanted my corn dog so bad. The picture turned out so blurry because Hope kept tilting her head.

Hopes growth

I put this collage together from when Hope was one week old to now – almost 10 months old.


Getting ready to go into surgery for my ankle… I look like a hot mess



Me in my boot. Day 2 after surgery and it’s really helping. Pain meds aren’t helping. How am I supposed to ice it if I can’t take the boot off? Trying to stay positive…but I hate pain.


A new 30 Day Challenge started at and my daughter bought me a flamingo charger cord that lights up when it’s plugged in. So cool.

New House

Plus we put in an offer on a new house but I haven’t heard back yet if the offer was accepted or counteroffered.

And Day Two of my Positivity in the Face of Negativity Vlog series

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