Being Positive and Using My Passion Planner

Being Positive is not easy – when one is faced with negative circumstances. My negative circumstance, currently, is having undergone ankle surgery on Friday and dealing with the pain. The burning, throbbing, sensation where my 4 cm incision is and having to keep my foot in a boot. Then on Tuesday, I get a cast put on. Walking on crutches is starting to make my armpits hurt.

So what do I to keep myself positive?

I have to keep busy. I keep my hands busy by crocheting. I watch movies on Netflix and Hulu.

To keep my mind busy – I work on my 30 Day Challenge, #30DaysByMe, and my Daily 3’s – What I’m Grateful, Goals I Want to Accomplish and Action Steps I need to take to get there. I’m using the Passion Planner to document all this.



It helps keep me focused.

It’s helping me stay Positively, Debbie.



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