Best Laid Plans?

Day 11 – #Write31Days –

I have to admit – I am feeling in the depths of despair today, the doldrums, navy blue…

I found out today that unless my husband – (currently in Afghanistan can’t get the POA’s here by Friday – we can’t close on our new house or sell the house we are in, on Monday)…

Tomorrow, he is going to go print everything out again, sign all the papers, run to JAG to get it notarized and then go to DHL – that was the advice of our mortgage lender… DHL is supposed to ship internationally – fast..

Keep fingers crossed and send positive vibes and prayers… I really wanted this house. I don’t want it to be the best laid plans of mice and men –

On a more happy note – I got my Stampin Up order.

**** A little more about me – I also am trying to get three businesses started up

  1. My vendor/buyer business for my booth in an antique/city-wide garage sale marketplace.
  2. As a Stampin Up demonstrator – craft club, in person and online and making projects for craft fairs.
  3. As a certified personal fitness and healthy living consultant – as soon as I pass my NASM exams. (After we move – cuz I’m gonna get that house. I need that house for my business.)

I did a little video of my Stampin Up unboxing

Hope you enjoy and to join my Positive Journeys Crafters Club –

1) You can sign up to be a Paper Pumpkin subscriber and receive free video content on my special Facebook page.

2) Pay $25 a month and receive the free video content on my special Facebook page – and receive a free Stampin Up stamp set from me every month and other goodies and giveaways.

3) – Join my Team – and receive free creative coaching tips and techniques from me plus all of the above. Joining the Team costs $99 with $125 worth of free products of your choice.

Thanks for reading and watching.

Trying to stay

Positively, Debbie…

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