2 Days Missed and Lessons Learned

Day 8 – #Write31Days – Sunday – Well, I didn’t get a blog post written on Sunday. Life just got way too busy and that is not an excuse – it is definitely a fact. Plus, I really – really – really like to take Sunday as my day of rest. Plus, we are in the process of moving in one week and I have a lot of packing to get done and boxes to buy.

Lesson learned –

  • Walmart sells moving boxes for way cheaper than U-Haul or probably most moving companies.
  • I am really going to start buying with a purpose. I have got so much STUFF to pack – especially books and scrapbooking supplies

Day 9 – Monday – My fitness trainer is on vacation, but he gave me a homework assignment… to have done by the time he gets back on Thursday. I need to have 150 sit ups, lat-pulldowns and chest-flys done. I did manage to make it to the gym today. A friend went with me to the Peterson AFB gym. I really like the military gyms. I did 50 of each of the exercises. I ate lunch at Panera Bread

Lesson learned –

  • I seriously and truly need to stay away from the dairy and the gluten. I was so sick to my stomach by the time I got home that I didn’t get much packing done. I wound up taking a nap though. I felt awful.
  • Health needs to come first and foremost.


My new tumbler from Tupperware. I got three of them but I packed away the other two. About four of these a day gives me my water intake for the day.

Day 10 – Tuesday – Went back to the gym on Peterson AFB today. Met my friend there again. I did my sit-ups on a stability ball today (well, more like crunches) and I did my lat-pulldowns and chest flys – 50 more of each. That’s 100/150 done!! Gonna try to make it tomorrow to get the last 50 done. I am so sore right now – I can hardly lift my arms over head. My pecs and lats are screaming.

After the gym – my friend and I drove over to the mall – I had a hair appointment. My awesome hairdresser, gave me a free shampoo and French braid. Since, I can’t put any weight on my foot yet, it’s hard to give myself a decent shampoo, so she is helping me out. She’s so great!


I had a Cobb Salad at Chick Fil A – little bit better than yesterday. When my daughter got off work we went and picked up boxes from her place of employment (Yankee Candle) – they will be great to pack all my scrapbooking stuff in and more books. Then we went to WalMart. I bought myself some Harry Potter pajama pants.

I have so much packing to do tomorrow

Lesson learned today –

  • Most people like to help out if they know there is a need. If you never share your need (or burden) with anyone – how can they help or show they care?
  • After doing my workout tomorrow – I really need to prioritize packing!!!


I am surrounded by boxes!!!

Well, that’s all today. What are some of the lessons you have been learning this month of October?

I’ll stay

Positively, Debbie


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