Finding Calm When I Am Super Stressed

Like now – I had this blog almost finished and all of a sudden – POOF!!!! It disappeared into the virtual atmosphere…

Grrrrrrrr… oh well – maybe the rewrite will turn out better than the first version.

Now some people would wonder why I wasn’t super stressed during the Christmas season? I guess, because Christmas has become like a well-oiled machine in our house – except for the family drama that happened on Christmas day…

Plus, my glasses were damaged a few weeks before Christmas and I had to go get an updated eye exam and purchase new frames and lenses – which is expensive!!

And I picked up my new glasses today – and I have a super headache now.


(See, it’s like the protective film on it just started melting off… Made it very difficult to see through. Don’t ever buy cheap lenses)

I am feeling super stressed today… so what do I do to find calm?

  1. I pet my Great Dane. She knows when I am feeling out of sorts and she will come snuggle up with me and lay her head in my lap so I can pet her. She makes me feel like all is right with the world.


(This is Hope – my emotional support therapy dog)

2. I take a super hot bath. I am really into using all natural ingredient bath bombs lately. I also like Dr. Teals Aches and Pains relief bubble bath, mixed with some Doterra essential Peppermint Oil. After a particular hard workout, this feels so good on my sore – tired muscles.

3. I drink a Limu Blu-Frog. What is a Limu Blu-Frog? You can read more about it at – all I know is that is made with Fucodian – which comes from the Limu Moi – a seaweed. Everytime, I drink one my headache almost instantly goes away. I think it’s because of the natural ingredients and natural caffiene. (Definitely, not your typical RockStar energy drink)

4. If my headache goes away. I like to take a walk – there is something about breathing in the fresh air.

5. I craft… not only is it my business – but making beautiful things relaxes me.


(a card I made)

6. I count my blessings – and bring myself back to an attitude of gratitude.

7.  I turn off social media – for a time –  so I don’t get the pinging sound of notifications going off – constantly.

8. And when all else fails – I climb into my pj’s and snuggle down into my bed that feels like a hug and I close my eyes for just a few minutes – which turns into a few hours – but that sleep must’ve been really needed.

What do you do to help you find calm when feeling super stressed?

Right now – I am grateful for new glasses and I am going to go sit in a really hot bath with some new eucalyptus and citrus bubble bath that I found today at Sprouts, drink a Limu Blu Frog – take my new glasses off for a bit and let my eyes rest – so hopefully, my headache will go away.

2 thoughts on “Finding Calm When I Am Super Stressed

  1. dmarier7377 says:

    I keep finding more and more we have in common! I also try to use as many natural and chemical free products as I possibly can. That’s been my main reason for signing up with Lemongrass Spa as a personal use consultant. I love their products and the fact that everything is made without harmful chemicals. Taking a nice hot bath with essential oils is one of my favorite things to do and just relax. I also love to sing whether I do it well or not. I drink different types of loose leaf tea for their different health benefits too. One of the things I need to do is get new glasses but I haven’t had insurance since 2012 so it’s been 6 years. Hopefully this year (and pretty soon) I can afford to see about getting new ones because they really need changed!


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