Until Then

Sometimes, I write out my blog post on pen and paper before I type it, but today, I am just going to start typing and see where it leads. I don’t even have a title yet…

There is so much going through my brain right now. So many projects to get finished. So many tasks to do. So many things to worry — um – be concerned about.

I just found out end of last week that my mom has brain cancer and lung cancer. Granted, she is 85 years old… but… still, I wouldn’t wish cancer on anybody. She has decided to go the hospice route and receive in home hospice care. She doesn’t want to do the chemo or radiation treatment. I can’t blame her.

I feel bad, because, I live in Colorado and she lives in Arizona. My sister is quitting her job to be there for her full time. For me to go down there, I have to find somebody to house sit and dog sit my Great Dane, Malti-Poo and Chihuahua, find a motel to stay in and if I fly down, I have to get a plane ticket and a rental car.

The hubby gets home from his contracting job a week from tomorrow – and we are heading down there for a few days to spend some time with her.

Sigh…. I hear the sound of the tick-tock from the clock. I don’t know how much time she has left. But Until Then – I know she will keep her faith strong.

I keep thinking – Wow! What if this was me? What if I found out that I only had a few more months to live? How would I want to live them?

And I keep thinking – motivation – what would motivate me to not roll over in my bed and just give up?

The definition of motivate –

  • to give (someone) a reason for doing something

  • to be a reason for (something)

What gives me that reason to get up in the morning and go to the gym, to keep working at weight loss and being fit? Today, my trainer told me, if I didn’t my metabolic/cardio workout he would give me 20 Burpees tomorrow. That was all the motivation I needed. What gives me reason to run Booth78 at Willowstone? What gives me a reason to keep trying to sell Stampin Up and Chalk Couture and to keep writing this blog and making You Tube videos?

What is the reason God put me here on this earth?

3 things keep me motivated.

  1. My family and friends and of course my fur-babies – who give me tons of support and love.
  2. My dreams and desires, that God planted in me to make me the best person I can be.
  3. The desire in me that I never, never, never want to give up on making memories happen.

What would motivate you to live – if you found out you only had a few more months to live?

I know for one thing – I am sure getting motivated to get back to my healthy way of life. I have let it go for to long. Time to get the rest of this weight off and make it happen.

I have come up with a new work schedule:

Monday Motivation blog –

Tuesday – Stampin Time (video)

Wednesday – I am going to start a new online catalog for PJT-Booth 78 (PJT stands for Positive Journey Treasures) (blog

Thursday – Chalk With Me (video)

Friday – Fitness Friday and Accountability. (blog)

Stay tuned… Unless, I am down visiting my mom – I am going to do my best at being consistent with this.

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