Columbus Day and a Life Update

I went to check my mail today – like it was any other day – and then realized, after I opened my mailbox and it was empty – today is Columbus Day. A Federal Holiday – Banks, the post office, and schools are closed today. Sigh. Must be nice to be an intrepid explorer, and get your birthday celebrated for a country that you technically didn’t discover. Wasn’t it Amerigo Vespucci who actually founded America?

Anyways – Here are some random facts about Columbus Day –

  1. President Benjamin Harrison proclaimed Columbus Day as a holiday in 1892. (I didn’t even know we had a President named Benjamin Harrison)
  2. Columbus Day was supposed to recognize the greatness of all people – but especially the Native Americans and the Italians. (Christopher Columbus was Italian) – I am all of sudden hungry for spaghetti tonight.
  3. Hail Columbia was America’s unofficial anthem until the Star Spangled Banner was adopted. (Who knew?)
  4. In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue

5. Here is a good video from David Barton to watch about Columbus –

Anyways – whether you recognize Columbus Day or not – have a great holiday!!!

Now an update on life…

I have been incognito recently – due to the fact that my mom passed away on September 25… She bravely fought to the end after being diagnosed with brain and lung cancer the end of July. Her mansion was ready.


I really miss her…

I did get to go see her two weeks before she passed away and I got to tell her I loved her one last time. She was so beautiful laying in her bed in the hospice room. She left me a good legacy. She was loved by many.

Now that the funeral and the memorial service is over and we are back home in Colorado- it is time to get back to it – better than ever. Stay tuned for more Stampin Up and Chalk Couture blogs and videos and more fitness and healthy living blogs. I really want to get my business – Positive Journeys – up and going strong.

Life is too short to keep sitting on the sidelines and waiting for the weight to come off. The motivation is there – now it is time to plug in the initiative.

I actually did my work out on my own today. I surprised myself – usually, I work with my fitness trainer, but we talked to much today and ran out of time. So… armed with my new fitness program, I went and did Cable Rows, Lat Pull Downs, Bench Press, Chest Flys, Reverse Chest Flys and Shoulder Presses. My arms were like noodles went I got done.

Here comes a renewed Positively Debbie. Life – has only just begun. And that empty nest thing? It didn’t last long… My son is moving back in this week. (Ha!) But – this time – we are charging rent.

All for now

Keep your heads held high. Stay strong. Fight Hard.

I love you all my dear readers.

I wil remain

Positively, Debbie

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