38 Days til Christmas – Frosty, Wintry Days

Of course – any day leading up to Christmas can turn into a frosty, wintry day. Frosty, wintry days aren’t too bad. If I don’t have to get out and drive on the frosty, icy roads or shovel snow.  Today, I got up and went hiking early this morning in 36 degree weather. Brrrrrr! I layered my clothing well and got in a 60 minute hike. By the end of the hike – I was so sweaty and had icicles hanging off my hair and fogged up glasses.  I had a blast!

                    The trail I went hiking on with my fitness trainer and her team

As the day wore on – it begin to snow/rain – snain? And the roads became like an ice rink. Very, very slippery. And the temps had dropped into the low 20’s. One thing about learning to drive in Alaska though – it taught me never to brake on icy roads. But this is Colorado – and there are a lot of California drivers here – who ride their brakes and make me hold my breath. 

                                                  buckle up and hold on

I have been in the country all day with friends. Putting shoeboxes together for Operation Christmas Shoebox. After the shoeboxes – we made Christmas cards – 

                                                        Getting ready to make cards

                                                          All the cards we made
                                         My favorite card is the one that Janette made
                                                           One of the cards I made….
                                                  Another card I made – I like this one
                                                      Shawna and Janette busy at work 
                                          Hey Santa! This is what I want for Christmas!

Well, that was my frosty, wintry day. What do you do on frosty, wintry days? 

Tomorrow, I will probably rest up and enjoy some Hallmark Christmas movies.



Positively, Debbie 

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