39 Days to Christmas – Monkey Wrenches and Giving Thanks

Today threw a monkey wrench at me. I left for the gym early this morning and the car started fine. I got my cardio assessment done and left the gym – the car started fine. Went to Target – to get almond milk and a few other items, came back to the car and the car did not start!!! 

The car didn’t even turn over. It just went click, click, click. Dead battery? Luckily, God ordained? My friend was already heading into town to meet me for breakfast – but instead of breakfast – she drove to where I was and we jumped my car, drove it the dealership where they replaced the battery. The battery had a dead cell. 

Monkey Wrench thrown….

Not what I had expected to happen today – AT ALL! I felt a bit frustrated but for the first time – in a long time – I remained calm and felt grateful. I had a friend who was coming to rescue me. I had just taken my car in to get serviced, so they already knew me at the dealership. They went out of their way to take care of me today. And I got a brand new battery with a 42 month warranty – cheaper than the price he quoted me. I felt blessed today! 

And for that I feel grateful. Could that be the secret of the holiday season? Is that why we celebrate Thanksgiving before Christmas? To feel grateful – no matter what monkey wrench gets thrown at you? Look at Mary. She probably felt like a monkey wrench was thrown at her when the angel told her she was going to give birth to the Messiah. What did she do? She praised God – “My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior,”

Give Thanks In Everything

In everything give thanks to God, this is His will for man.

He marks the way that we all trod, We’re part of His Great plan.

All things are for our good, He says, the pleasant and the sad.

Just knowing that He cares for us will make our spirits glad. 

It isn’t hard to praise the Lord when sunshine flood my way, 

When skies are clear and naught has come to mar my perfect day.

But oh, it’s different when the clouds of sorrow round me roll,

When grief and anguish seem to grip my poor forsaken soul.

But even in those times, He says, all things still work for good

to them who have been place within this blessed brotherhood.

Joint-heirs with Christ of all the wealth the Father has in store.

He’s promised all to me, His child; How could I ask for more?

Why then should I not thank my God for all He brings my way,

For all the blessings that He pours on me from day to day?

His favors shower on my path, my needs He does supply.

I’m made aware of His great love as each new day goes by.

-William F. Sherbert –

I feel grateful and blessed today. What made you feel grateful and blessed today? 


Positively, Debbie

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