18 Days til Christmas!!! December Daily – Days 1 -6

I have tried to start a December Daily… tried to scrapbook it, journal it in a travelers notebook and I am finding out it just takes too much time. December is just a really busy month. So to prioritize – I am just gonna gonna December Daily one week at a time on my blog…

December 1st – Today is my second child and first-born son’s birthday. I cannot believe that I now have two kids in their 30’s. I do not feel that old. I guess, really, by today’s modern standards, I’m not that old. We didn’t do anything really special today – he had to work.

I went on a hike with my fitness trainer and the people that I am doing the 60 Day Challenge with at the gym. It was cold and very icy, so I walked for about 30 minutes and came back to the car. I did get in 10,000 steps that day. And the gluten free quiche that Sara made me for breakfast was so very good and, on top of that, she let me bring them home!!

I had a few friends over and we made cards and gift tags. We made salmon patties (gluten free and dairy free), fried potatoes and brussel sprouts in the Instant Pot, (they cooked up good and were so yummy)…

Jonathan David

still single


scenery from the hike

cards I made

‘staching through the snow!!! 

December 2nd – Sunday was game afternoon at my house. We made tacos or taco salad. And I made gluten free pumpkin bread, which turned out divine!!! We played Uno – longest game ever!!! Kim won.

December 3rd – This was a lazy day! I didn’t feel like doing much.  I didn’t even go to the gym. I guess the weekend kicked my butt. I tried to put my tree up, then realized it was the old tree from last year that I was supposed to donate to the thrift store. But, I guess, I must not have gotten around to it. Time to head back to the store – to get a new tree!

December 4th – Tuesday! Gym time! Weigh in day! I surprised myself again. Down another percentage of body fat and another pound of body fat gone!!! I have steadily been making progress for 4 weeks straight now – just by working out and sorta eating healthier.


feeling accomplished and determined

Tonight, we also went to Walmart – two different Walmarts trying to find a real, fake tree. I wound up finding what I needed at the second one. A 7.5 footer for the downstairs and a little 4 footer for upstairs. The little one only cost $22.

I put the little one up…


it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!

December 5th – A butt kickin’ workout at the gym. AND, I forgot my phone at home so I didn’t get my cardio/metabolic workout done. BUT – I did come home and put up the large tree in the basement.  Oh and tonight, me, my daughter, her boyfriend, two friends and boyfriends toddler, took my son out for his birthday dinner. He had the day off.


the lights make me feel peaceful

December 6th – Today, was cold!!!! I got so sweaty in the gym, I grew icycles when I stepped outside! My trainer had me do a TRX workout today… I am going to be so sore tomorrow.  TRX stands for Total Resistance Exercises and is a form of suspension training. I think it should stand for Totally, Really, Extra sore….


This is what it looks like – that is not me! I did pushups, chest presses, tricep extensions, bicep curls, squats with knee raises and one legged squats. Oh and abs with a leg raise! 

UPCOMING PLANS – Tonight is a play at a local high school that my friends daughter is in. The Jungle Book.

Going to lunch and shopping with my daughter this afternoon…. going to try to get in cardio…

More workouts, more heathy nutrition, more baking, more shopping, wrapping presents and OM!!!! There is only 18 more days til Christmas!!!! 

What are your plans?


Positively, Debbie!!!




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