Letter To My Blog (and readers)

Dear Blog (and readers of the blog),

I have missed you! It seems like I haven’t posted in forever. You are like my best friend and I feel bad when I neglect you. Not like you answer me back or anything. But, you do help me brain dump and share my feelings.

So…please forgive me for not writing. January 2019 was rough. I caught a stupid upper respiratory virus, stomach bug, flu…. I felt awful for most of January. On top of that, I was trying to get Scrap4Less set up and I still went to the gym for a couple of weeks, while I was sick.

I don’t know if working out was the best thing. I felt a wee better after I worked out…. I also felt really, really, really tired. I gave myself a deadline of getting Scrap4Less up and going by Feb. 9th. Today, is Feb. 9th and that deadline did not happen. : ( sadness

The store is almost done… The thing that is dragging me down, is all the stuff that needs to go to Willowstone and all my personal craft stuff that needs to go into my craft room. I am seriously decluttering my personal craft stash. Goodness, I have hung on to craft stuff that I purchased back when Scrap4Less first opened. 8 years ago? 10 years ago?

Why? Why do I buy craft stuff and then never use it?

What do you do to use up your Scrapbook and craft stash? 

Why? Why is it so hard to be consistent in writing blog posts? 

Who knows? And don’t tell me blog that I am doing too much! Maybe, I am. But – I can do this! Ryan Serhant can do it! Sandi Krakowski can do it! Megan Elizabeth can do it! So…why can’t I?

I am making a comeback…I feel a lot better. I am setting up an appointment to get labwork and have my thyroid checked. I will bounce back from being sick –  stronger than ever.

I will get this store set up, get everything taken to Willowstone, get the garage organized, lose 66 pounds and organize my personal craft room. Before you know it, I will pound the Scrap4Less sign stakes into the ground of my front yard and the grand opening will commence.

So… be patient with me blog. I am going to try this schedule – while I am working Willowstone, Scrap4Less and going to the gym.

Monday – motivation and inspiration blog

Wednesday – Chalk Couture blog http://www.chalkcouture.com/positivejourneys

Friday – Make Fitness and Nutrition Happen – accountability blog

If I get behind… there is always Saturday and Sunday to catch up.

Scrap4Less – will get updates on Tues and Thursday at http://www.scrap4less.net/blog

Thanks for still being there –

I will continue to be

Positively, Debbie

3 thoughts on “Letter To My Blog (and readers)

  1. Peggy Sue Edick says:

    It’s a big elephant..and you eat that elephant one bite at a time!! Glad you are feeling better!! Stay positive and things will work out!! The store is looking great and your basement will be in ship shape soon!! Keep up the good work!!


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