Lamingos and Flallamas

Sorry, I have been incognito lately.  The days after Christmas, until the present, has found me extremely busy – with an upper respiratory virus to boot. It’s been a good, busy and very productive month though.

But you know how when you get busy – sometimes, your brain doesn’t say what the mind is thinking? I saw a woman the other day – with flamingos on her tote bag and I told her – “Oh, I like your llamingo bag.”

I don’t think she heard me. Thank God. A llamingo? Yep, that’s how it’s been – ever since December 28th.  January, has been rife with lamingo’s and flallama’s.

Why has it been so busy?

I bought a business. I am now the official owner of a local scrapbook store – Scrap 4 Less. The previous owner is getting ready to move out of state and wanted to liquidate and sell her business. So…. since this has always been a dream of mine – to own my own business and a scrapbook store on top of that. I purchased it.

My basement looks like a scrapbook store threw up in it.

The business website can be found at

I do plan on keeping on with writing and blogging and You Tubing…

My One Word of the Year that I decided to go with this year is BRAVE!!

And I definitely did a very brave thing… and it’s probably not the last time – I will see lamingos and flallama’s this year.

Hope your New Years started out great.

Thanks for reading…

Positively, Debbie

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