20 Days til Spring – 10 Things I Like About Spring

Only 20 more days til spring… or to be more precise, March 20th. Ahhhhh spring… I love spring! Here are a few things I love about spring.

  1. The weather starts warming up. The frosty days are behind. There may be a few more but nothing like January and February. 
  2. People start getting outdoors more to hike, bike ride, walk and jog, leaving the gym emptier and quieter and not as busy. 
  3. The trees and the flowers start to bud and blossom. New life is being restored. 
  4. The bunnies, the squirrels and the birds start to have their little babies. I wonder if our mud dauber birds will be back this year? 
  5. The turkeys that go up and down our road all winter and autumn will go somewhere else. Do turkeys migrate? 
  6. No more having to wear layers to the gym. It’s a pain in the butt – when you get to the gym and you have to peel yourself out of your coat, your hoodie, your long sleeve shirt, your sweat pants and your long underwear. 
  7. No more turning into a sweat icicle after the gym… 
  8. One month til David comes home for 90 days this time!!! 
  9. The first quarter of the year begins to wrap up. The planning is past and the actions to reach the goals are in full force and moving full speed ahead. Dreams are coming true. 
  10. I can start planting my seeds for the garden I want to grow this year!!

And there you have it – 10 reasons why I love spring.

Wait! 11… 11 reasons I like spring. #11 – My tire sensor will stop telling me I have low tire pressure because it’s too cold outside. 

spring Mark Twain

What better way to pass the next 20 days – combatting the winter doldrums, but by crafting? SO….. lets craft for the next 20 days.

Here is what I made today….

I was in the process of doing a process video… but right in the middle of filming, my battery died…. Ahhhhhhhh!!! I really need to learn to charge my electronics. 

Anyways, here is a picture of the finished project. This chalkboard used to have a different design on it that said Coffee O’Clock…. but it really blended in the with the border of the frame and was hard to see. This time, I wanted something that would pop. I used the You Are Enough -Chalk Couture transfer, raspberry sorbet, garden herb, bumblebee, and forget-me-not Chalk Pastes. I like how it turned out!


Let me know how you like it.


Thanks for reading

Waiting for Spring,

Positively, Debbie



One thought on “20 Days til Spring – 10 Things I Like About Spring

  1. dmarier7377 says:

    I love spring too! Our weather here this year has been soooo weird back and forth that my daffodils are already up. Luckily they haven’t blossomed out yet though because when I came out to go to work yesterday we had a glaze of ice over everything. I’m done with the cold I’m ready for 50 degree mornings and 70 degree days! I haven’t had time to craft lately and I just want life to get back to simpler times where I have time to do things I WANT to do.

    A hint to not having your phone die while filming. Plug it into your charger before you start filming. It will charge while filming and not die out on you. I’ve done that before.

    Glad David is going to be home for awhile, He can help you get everything finished up for the store. I know you are wanting everything to come together and flow smoothly. I’m still trying to do that with my house and craft room etc. and it would be so much easier if there was someone to help.


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