5 Things I Need During a Blizzard

On Wednesday, March 13, 2013, a blizzard hit Colorado. Quite – unlike any blizzard that I have gone through –  because the winds were so strong with this one. They likened it to a Category 2 hurricane – except it bought snow with it. Call it a “bomb cyclone”, a “bombogenesis”, or a “snowicane”, it was fierce and the worst of it didn’t even hit our little suburb. I did however get a fence panel loosened, trash cans blown over and I was without power for almost the whole day.

I’m glad I didn’t go to the gym and listened to CSP and the weather man – who said don’t be lulled into a false security. CSP even gave permission for everyone to stay home. It came and it hit fast. Always, listen to your gut and if it warns you to stay home – then do it.

Besides feeling like I was living the book – The Long Winter – (Little House on the Prairie book by Laura Ingalls Wilder), I had a great day of reflection and writing in my journal. I realized that if a blizzard ever hit again I would need 5 things.

 1. A portable battery charger – Now, through the years, my husband has bought these for me…. but I have never taken them seriously – until a few days ago. There is no greater fear…. errrrr…. concern, than watching your phone battery get down to 20% and realizing that unless the power comes back on soon – you won’t have contact with the outside world. (I couldn’t get internet cuz the power was out) But to not be able to text or make phone calls? Worst thing ever….

2. Unscented candles – I love Yankee Candles and other smell good candles, but when you get too many scents mingled together… I can’t breathe so good. Apple Pumpkin and Eucalyptus/Mint doesn’t mix together so well.

3. My inhalers stocked up –  One thing I learned about scented candles is that when you mix Apple Pumpkin scent with Eucalyptus/Mint – I start to wheeze. Too many scented candles is not good for asthma. And I only had about 10 puff left on my inhaler… Not Good!

 4. Battery lights – or lights operated by batteries. This includes flashlights, LED lights, solar lights, etc. I had just bought about 4 packages of LED tea lights from the Dollar Tree. They came two to a package and boy, was I ever grateful I had them. They gave off a nice light and made the room look cozy. (I actually still have them up – cuz I like them so much).

 5. Food that doesn’t need to be cooked.  – A salad just doesn’t quite sound so good during a blizzard. (There is a reason lettuce is called iceberg). I’m talking more about canned goods and shelf-stable foods. Spaghetti O’s, Bean and Bacon Soup, Underwood Chicken Spread…. not healthy in the least, little bit, but some calories are better than no calories.

underwood canned chicken

So….. what would be some of your necessities during a blizzard and a power outage.  Leave me a comment and share below.

Through it all

I’ll remain

Positively, Debbie


2 thoughts on “5 Things I Need During a Blizzard

  1. Helen says:

    Fortunately, we didn’t lose power during the storm, but it sure felt like the Big Bad Wolf was out there huffing and puffing to blow our house down! Between the high winds and the icy layer from the earlier rains, I didn’t even pay attention to the impressive snow accumulation.

    I stayed in my pjs all day and laid in bed watching television. It was a lazy day at our house. The next day was, too.

    Should another storm take up a day or two of my life, I would need:

    1) Sunshine!
    2) Hmmmmm…..I guess that would be the end of the storm! Yay!

    I guess it would feel panicky to not have power for your cell phone. How did we ever stay connected to our loved ones before cell phones?

    As far as foods go, how were you expecting to heat up those Spaghetti-Os?

    Yes, I’d soon run out of snack foods, we try not to keep much of that around the house. Fortunately, I haven’t been hungry much, lately. That could be helpful during a storm.

    Yes, plenty of flashlights or candles…

    Maybe a bottle of wine.

    Maybe, just my comfy bed and warm blankets. Sleep is always good. I’ve been needing a lot of it lately, so I could enjoy guiltless zzzzzzzs.

    Life is good, even in the midst of the storm.

    I love you, my friend. Thanks for the new blog post!


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