Protein Smoothies and Prunes – Another Year Older

I woke up on Wednesday. It was my birthday. I realized, I have finally made it to the age where I have to drink protein smoothies and eat my 3 prunes every morning for breakfast. Not because, I really want to, but,  so I can feel better…

Welcome to being 54.

Although, I don’t really feel like I’m 54. Until, I go back and look at photos of my younger self… Then, I do.

54 could be worse. It’s not as bad as I imagined it would be. Until, I get out of bed in the morning and take the first step, then have to stop and stretch my calve muscles, so I can walk without my feet hurting so bad.

Bur really, 54 is not so bad. I am still making it to the gym three times a week. I can still walk. I can still drive. I can still problem solve and be independent. I still have mobility. All that could be gone – in a blink of an eye or gradually, as I become older. There, but for the Grace of God, go I… and I will continue growing old gracefully, as God allows me.


54 year old me… after getting my eyes dilated because, yep, I now have floaters in my eye… sigh

Now that I’ve hit another birthday… it’s time to rethink my goals for next year.

I realized there are only two planners that I really like… my bullet journal, (which I use ALL the time) and the Panda Planner. That’s it!! I’ve tried a lot of them and these are the two, I keep using over and over again.  These are two planners, I keep track of my goals and action steps to reach those goals. This year, I will save my money and not buy the Happy Planners or the Erin Condren planners. For next year – my goals are to

  1. Lose 70 pounds – nutrition, nutrition, nutrition
  2. Get Scrap4Less’ online store up and going
  3. Become a Blogger and a You Tuber
  4. Get the garage cleaned out and organized
  5. Start giving classes for Scrap 4 Less – two classes a month and 1 crop every quarter
  6. Raise our new Great Dane puppy – (We pick him up on Christmas Day)
  7. Make one or two craft fair projects every month – so I am prepared for 2020
  8. Read my Bible through in one year
  9. Creative Journal every day
  10. Do a scrapbook layout or a card every day
  11. 10,000 steps every day – actually do Run the Year 2020

My personal 10 commandments for myself during 2020 are:

  1. Be Debbie – always. Don’t let anyone or anything conform to something other than who you are.
  2. Whatever you start – finish!
  3. Always Do Your Best – in fitness, nutrition, business, etc.
  4. Always – Always Be Grateful
  5. Be Financially Savvy
  6. Stay Motivated – no matter what
  7. Enjoy All the Moments
  8. Have a Steady Continuity
  9. Embrace Change
  10. Love Much

and my word for the Year is CONSISTENT

Here’s the definition from Merriam Webster online dictionary

Definition of consistent

1amarked by harmony, regularity, or steady continuity free from variation or contradiction consistent style in painting
bmarked by agreement COMPATIBLE usually used with with statements not consistent with the truth
cshowing steady conformity to character, 
profession, belief, or custom a 
consistent patriot
2tending to be arbitrarily close to the true value of the parameter estimated as the sample becomes large consistent statistical estimator
3: archaic possessing firmness or coherence


Mostly, I will be working on the first definition – this year I want to have a steady continuity – the past three years my one word of the year has been: Focus, Joy and Brave… I have learned a lot from all three years. This year, I want to be consistent in being focused, joyful and courageous.

Our new Great Dane puppy – He doesn’t really have a name yet… Maybe? Maximilian Moose Mussack? Cuddles? (A Great Dane named Cuddles?)


Thanks for reading…

I’ll remain

Positively, Debbie



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