Blogmas – Day 1 – My Very Messy Inspiration Station, A Birthday and Starting 2019’s Advent Calendar.


Dear December,

You are finally here. I can officially start celebrating Christmas and listening to Christmas music, and wearing my Christmas clothes, without getting funny looks. I am ready to embrace the season. I think, I have been ready since October. I hope I can maintain these festive feelings during the rest of the month.

During these 24 days til Christmas and the 12 Days til Ephiphany, I hope to write a blog – most every day. I won’t say every day, cause sometimes, the pressure gets to be too much to accomplish writing a blog every day. I will try though. I want to journal and document Christmas this year. I also want to do a small scrapbook this year of Christmas memories, past and present.

We kick the first day of December off with my middle child’s birthday. Happy, Happy, Birthday Jonathan. He has come such a long way. How did he go from this cute baby to being 31? I love the one of him with his Grandma.


Jonathan and Grandma Bullers


After his second clubfoot surgery in 1989. 


My friend stayed with me this weekend and we had a crafty, birthday weekend. (My birthday was Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving). Got a couple of cards made and a Christmas present to send to a friend.


My very messy workstation

I might just do handmade gifts this year. I can’t think of anything to buy.


Here is the advent calendar box I made. There are three drawers on each side for the 12 Days leading up to Christmas or the 12 Days after Christmas – leading up to Ephiphany. What would you put in the boxes? 

We made a few trips to Michaels and JoAnns, this weekend, to get in on the DoorBuster sales. Michaels had their Christmas paper pads for $5. Super cute ones this year. JoAnns had a few good sales on anything and everything. Their paper pads were $4.50… 70% off! I also picked up a few Christmas presents.

I started my advent calendar today! My advent calendar this year, is one I found at Tuesday Morning. It’s a Bonne Maman, jellies and honey spreads. Everyday you open the tab and behind it is a new jelly or honey. It sounded fun. This morning, I got a Cherry Blackberry jelly and ate it with a Kings Hawaiian Roll. (I’m out of gluten free bread).


 Day One – yummy cherry/blackberry jelly

Nutrition for the day – I am going to hydrate this morning by drinking a lot of water.

For lunch –  Brunch with my friend at First Watch

For dinner –  We wanted to go to Tucano’s for our birthday dinner, but, who knew? Tucanos is closed on Sundays. So, we wound up going to Old Chicago. My friend made me a very yummy chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting.

December is off to good start. No depression this year. Lots to look forward to and lots of things to do. Like picking up the new Great Dane puppy on Christmas Day. 


Maximilian Moose Mussack aka: Cuddles

Until the next time…

I’ll remain – Positively Debbie – or should I change it to Pawsitively Debbie?



One thought on “Blogmas – Day 1 – My Very Messy Inspiration Station, A Birthday and Starting 2019’s Advent Calendar.

  1. Kate Makes says:

    Loved reading your letter to December Debbie, I went down that route too! Your new puppy looks adorable, what a Christmas present! Look forward to reading your posts throughout the season x


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