Blogmas Day 2 – Just Another Day

Not much happening today to create new memories or make December special. Not a day of merriment or excitement. I don’t really feel all that jolly. Just feels like another day… another day of laundry and sweeping the floors. I wonder if it is because I’ve almost become desensitized to Christmas. I remember it was around August when I first began to see telltale signs of Christmas and by the first of October – all the major craft stores were fully decked with Christmas. It was almost like the season of ValentineFourthHalloThanksChristmasWeen – all the seasons combined together. 

Now that I am in the retail business though – I had to start planning much earlier for Christmas so my booth would be fully stocked around the end of October. I do remember putting my kids Christmas presents on layaway in October, when they were younger. It gave me time to get them paid off before Christmas. I understand why retail businesses have to get the holiday goods out there. I also wonder if that is why I feel so Grinchy around this time of year. Like – Christmas again?

Hate, hate, hate, hate, loathe entirely – The Grinch

There have been years though, when I feel like Christmas snuck up on me and somehow, I pulled a nice Christmas Day together for my family.

Amid all the hustle and bustle though, I don’t want to lose sight of what Christmas is about. I know one thing… it’s not about the sights and sounds, present buying, getting the house decorated, even documenting all the memories. It’s all about the Christmas story. Jesus was born – for a reason. Peace and goodwill to all. If my house doesn’t get decorated today, it is OK. If I have to document Day 2 and 3 in my scrapbook, tomorrow, its OK! I’m not going to stress about it this year.

I am tired today. I feel like I’m catching a cold. My Thanksgiving week is over and I think it is catching up to me. I took last week off from going to the gym and tomorrow, I have got to go back to it. (Sigh). I know, I will feel better when I do.


How I feel today

I did sign up for Run the Year 2020 and my friend, who is also a fitness trainer, signed up with me. Hopefully, we can get more to join our team…  go to this link to sign up (and you don’t have to run the year – you can walk too). My goal is to walk off 70 lbs next year.

If I were to do 2020 miles in one year I would have to do 5 1/2 miles every day. So that is approximately 11,000 steps per day. Some days, I am going to have to do more steps than others to allow for sick days. This is going to require some serious self-discipline.

Todays Nutrition

Breakfast – Intermittent fasting today. Just hydrating this morning. Lots of water

Lunch – Monday is meatless Monday. So, I’m trying to think of something vegan I can have. Maybe a salad. I have a lot of veggies to finish up from Thanksgiving.


Lunch, spinach spring mix, with cauliflower, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, pea pods, baby carrots and chick peas.

Dinner – I had vegan mac and cheese.

Today is a gorgeous day out – I was going to take the Great Dane and go for a walk but my body had different ideas and I wound up taking a long, very much needed nap. I was exhausted.

I did work on my December Daily album and finished Day 1.


My 6 x 6 #JournalYourChristmas album


Day One of my #JournalYourChristmas album


My advent calendar jelly spread. It was good. I added it my salad that I had at lunch.

Remembering the true meaning of Christmas

Positively, Debbie

2 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 2 – Just Another Day

  1. perennialmommy says:

    I enjoyed reading your journal for today! I think Journal Your Christmas is such a great way for us to focus on what Christmas means to us!


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