BlogMas Day 4 – Planning December

I love to do creative journaling and bullet journaling. This year, I’m gonna combine the two into my December Daily.

Planning is very important to me… I know to others it might not seem as important or may not seem to work…but if I do not have a plan on how I want to achieve my goals or accomplish the tasks I have to get done… I feel super discombobulated and flusterated.

What do I have planned for December?

December 1st was Jonathans birthday – check

December 6th – I have an eye appointment to check on the floaters in my eye. They were bad today. My head was hurting and my eyes were burning. Is there a snow storm coming?

December 12th – Willowstone’s Annual Christmas Party for the vendors. I like to go.

December 17th – mine and Davids 36th wedding anniversary. Wowza!!

December 19th –  David is coming home or should be on his way.

December 21st – Dani and Mike’s Ugly Christmas Sweater party. I’ve never been to one so this sounds fun.

December 24th – Christmas Eve service with the family. Then hot chocolate and popcorn and dad reading the Christmas story while sit around the tree. They alway make me cry.

December 25th – Christmas Day and pick up the puppy… sometime, in between now and here, I need to pick up a dog crate for him. I already bought him a blankie.

The gym on Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays – except this week, I’m having a gym session with my trainer on Friday.

And somewhere in all that I have to fit Christmas shopping and decorating. I still haven’t put up my tree. I have thought about it. I just haven’t got the mojo to do it yet. So much work!! I’ve got to put the tree up though – it’s tradition. I hate the empty nest : (

christmas tree air freshener

maybe, I could get away with just putting a tree like this up? Nah… that’s no fun!!!

Nutrition Today

breakfast – I had eggs and bacon and 2 pieces of Daves Good Seed bread and some orange juice

lunch – I took myself to ChickFilA and had me some chicken nuggets, waffle fries and a large unsweet tea.

dinner – I made tacos… I make the best tacos…

Worked on Day 3 of my December Daily album – only 2 days behind – not bad…

Did some laundry and put some stuff away. Not bad for a day off.

Looks like a busy December. Sometimes, I wonder how I have time to get it all done? But somehow, with planning, it all comes together.

How do you plan your December?

December calendar 2


cShl0%bnQaOzP1gCEk8mEwsome of the Christmas decorations I have put up

Keeping it Merry and Bright – trying to at least

Positively, Debbie.

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