Blogmas Day 6 – Hope and the Unexpected

I missed yesterday’s Blogmas – my apologies. It’s okay though. I’m not gonna stress about it. Yesterday, someone left my backyard gate open and my Great Dane got out. She didn’t go far but it gave me a huge anxiety attack. I really don’t know what I would do without that dog. I’m just glad, I noticed it when I did.

The neighbors must’ve thought I had gone mad. I was wearing a huge oversize sweatshirt, too big for me sweatpants, and a pair of slippers. My hair was all mussed up and all I could do was holler – Hope! Hope! Where are you, Hope?!!! 

Well – it is Christmas time and all. Christmas is a time of Hope and Peace – right? What better time of year than to be yelling Hope at the top of your lungs? Right?!

Hope is also the name of my Great Dane.



Plus, I couldn’t really think of anything to write about yesterday.

The dog getting loose was quite unexpected.

And today, when I went to bring the trash cans in from the curb, I noticed an envelope sticking out the back of it. It was a Christmas card from the guy who does my trash service. Totally, unexpected. I must leave him a good tip this year.

Then in my mailbox was another Christmas card. I feel so loved!

The unexpected comes in many forms at Christmastime.

I don’t think the shepherds were sitting around one night, expecting an angel to appear and then a whole host of angels to appear. Especially, an angel telling them that the Messiah had just been born and they should run to the manger where he lay.

That would’ve been a total surprise for me and really, really great news!!

shepherds and angels

Sometimes the bad unexpected just happens. We never plan for it – even with all the planning we do for the month of December. We just never quite know what God’s plans are. The bad unexpected is not something wonderful and grand, it is something that is dreaded. Something that makes our heart sink into gloom and despair and gives us that bah – humbug feeling. The bad unexpected is like catching a cold, losing a source of income or a place to live, finding our your loved one cheated on you or hearing that a loved one passed away.

Just recently, an apartment building found out that it was full of asbestos and all the occupants have to relocate somewhere else by December 14th. Of course they are being fully compensated for their troubles… but they are being asked to leave everything behind that is not important – since everything they own has been asbestos contaminated.

I can’t imagine. Nobody who lived there was expecting that to happen, during what is supposed to be the happiest and most wonderful time of year.

And when the bad unexpected happens – we want to complain and shake our fist at the heavens and ask God – WHY?  Where is my salvation and help? How do I forgive? Where is the love?

And God points us to the manger and he says there – right there… Away in a Manger – no crib for a bed, the little, Lord Jesus laid down his sweet head… The baby who will grow up and be crucified for you and rise again on the third day… so you…. can have HOPE – is lying right there in a manger – wrapped in swaddling clothes – because there was no room at the Inn.

A blessed Hope – a wish, an expectancy, a looking forward to, of better times ahead – knowing that in the end – everything will be alright. 

That’s why we celebrate Christmas – to be reminded of that Hope… go back again to the manger and be reminded of the Hope that God gave to all of us – one night so long ago.


Here’s to a Christmas that is full of Hope!

Positively, Debbie



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