I Don’t Know About Tomorrow

When I was 36 years old, I caught bacterial pneumococcal meningitis. I was the sickest I had ever been. The headache I had, because the meninges around my brain was so swollen, sent me into a 3 day coma. I woke up to a Doctor holding my hand and telling me, I was lucky to be alive, because most people my age who caught meningitis didn’t survive.

Was it luck? No, I think it was much more than luck. I think it was God’s Grace. I think God looked down on me and said, “It’s not your time” My mansion wasn’t ready yet. That was 18 years ago. Now we are on a state-wide shutdown because of a virus that has a lot of people scared they are going to die. I just want to reassure you that if it’s not your time, if your mansion is not yet ready, you will not die. You may get sick. This virus may knock you off feet and lay you on your back… but if it’s not your time you will not die.

I am not saying don’t take precautions against this virus. Take as many precautions as you want. Wear the mask, hoard the toilet paper if it helps you feel cleaner, share the hand sanitizer… but DON’T hate on the ones you think aren’t being serious about it – because they are doing what they can. I don’t think anybody wants to get sick and NOBODY wants to die.

Mark Lowry sings that song. “Everybody wants to go heaven…but nobody wants to die. Oh, Lord, I wanna go to heaven… but I don’t want to die..”

Just remember that if a sparrow and the lilies of the field are being taken care of – your Heavenly Father is going to take care of you. Do you know your Heavenly Father?

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy,

I Will Keep You in My Prayers

Positively, Debbie


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