I Need a Hug… (But Grateful for the Smile)

(Day 3) #IWillSurvive

...but I cant even get a hug, from anybody. Social distancing you know? Toe taps and elbow bumps are not the same as getting a hug. : ( Honestly, I have been quite grumpy the past few days. Watching grocery stores get depleted of necessities. Having restaurants close and hair salons, massage places, spas and nail salons get shut down. Do they (people in government) – not know how much this is disrupting our lives? I couldn’t take my son into the commissary the other day. The PX was fine but the commissary was only open to military ID card holders. My hair appointment was moved to May.  My friend can’t get her nails done! My MaltiPoo really needs a haircut and my Chihuahua and Great Danes are in desperate need of a bath. But groomers are being shut down too. It’s hard to not keep gritting my teeth cuz I want to just get so mad. My jaws are starting to hurt.


Poor Jubilee

Everything that I have just taken for granted is slowly being taken away. Little stuff, I know, but it’s stuff that makes life a little easier for me…

Easier for me… wow!?

I just read a story in a book by Max Lucado – How Happiness Happens and he tells a story about a guy named Mo. Mo is miserable cuz Mo has high expectations that everything he wants he will get. He will grumble if he cant get the parking spot he wanted. He will complain cuz he didn’t get enough toilet paper, even though he already hoarded a huge lot from Costco. Nothing makes Mo happy if it doesn’t go his way.

Then Max Lucado talks about Joe. Joe is a happy guy. Joe goes out of his way to see a need and fill it. He will give up his last roll of toilet paper to the elderly neighbor across the street. He will gladly let someone else have the last can of spaghetti O’s that is on the shelf at the grocery store. He is always ready with an encouraging word, a smile and a toe tap… (no handshaking). His smile makes you feel like you are getting a hug.

After I read that – I decided that during this Corona Virus time – when we are all in the same boat – that I want to be a Joe. Even though knowing that I can’t get my hair done til May – if this Corona Virus goes away – that I have been acting more like a “Mo-Jo.”


My motivation has been focused on the wrong things. I need to focus on how I can be an inspiration to others during this time.

  1. I will pray for you
  2. I can help you find things you are in need of.
  3. I can make a card for you and send it to you – while the post office is still open.
  4. I can continue with my You Tube videos
  5. I can keep writing this blog
  6. I can start live scrapbook/crafting classes on my Scrap4Less Facebook page.
  7. I can wake up each morning grateful for what I have.
  8. Most of all, I will pray for you. 

How can you be an inspiration to others?

Above all –

I will remain

Positively, Debbie



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