March Came In Like a Lion and Went Out With a Roar!! (Reflections on March 2020)

What is the saying? March came in like a lion and went out like a lamb? Not March 2020… March came in like a lion and it is going out like a lion with a very loud Roar!! We will just see if April Showers bring May Flowers. We may be looking for a second Mayflower – if this virus doesn’t go away. Is there anywhere in the world right now, that is safe?

Everything seemed to go be going well at the beginning of March. I was just getting back into the swing of things at the gym – getting ready to hunker down and get the rest of this weight off. I was looking forward to David coming home in April. I had rented another booth space at Willowstone to start giving classes for Scrap4Less. Sales were really picking up in my booth and at Scrap4Less… everything was coming up roses.  Put the brakes on and let off the clutch… by mid March – everything took a 180 degree turn and the world went into The Upside Down, (sorry Stranger Things), the toilet paper disappeared and everything began closing. My gym shut down! (That never happens). My hair appointment was on March 17th – I wanted to get Lucky Charm hair but that appointment has been moved up to May!!! People who were dead set against homeschooling now had to homeschool their kids.


My One Word of the Year became very real to me in March. My word is Consistent and when one has to be stuck at home or wonder if one is going to catch a virus when one goes out… one has to be become very consistent in getting stuff done. Limiting oneself to only going grocery shopping once a week – instead of every day. Walking 10,000 steps everyday. Cooking at home and not eating out. Remembering to do ones morning routine. All things that one was trying to get better at and now, one has no choice.


By March 19th – all businesses except essential ones were shutting down, social distancing, washing your hands, flatten the curve, and don’t touch your face, were the popular sayings being heard. Skepticism reigned supreme for a lot of people.  I started writing pretty much daily in my journal…

3/19 – I went and got my inhalers from the refill pharmacy on Peterson AFB. No toilet paper or hand sanitizer to be found. I watched the movie Outbreak (with Dustin Hoffman) and started binge watching a Netflix series called Containment. 


3/21 – Jonathan said “quarantine calories don’t count. I am stressing out and it is really hard to follow nutrition. Especially – when I learned that David can’t come home in April. 

This was just the Social Distancing period – then on 3/26 came the proclamation by the Governor that the state was shut down. It became the law that everybody stayed home as much as possible. The Governor said, “It’s not just a suggestion now. It’s the law. It is for our protection.” (The roar is becoming a loud rumble). 

March 29th – I get a letter from the 21st Medical Group on Peterson AFB – which is where my primary physician is located, which states that I am considered high risk. I should basically quarantine. (The rumble has become a full blown ROAR)… 


I cried last night. I needed to. I am sad. I am angry. I need a hug. I am okay though… Remember Daniel and the lion? That lion probably roared at him when he was thrown into the lions den. He prayed and that lion became his best friend. So… the lion can Roar, I am going to:

  1. Pray and trust God,
  2. Order my groceries for delivery,
  3. Work on getting more product into Scrap4Less’s online store,
  4. Start NaNoWriMo writing camp tomorrow on April 1st, 
  5. Start the #100DayProject on April 7th and creative journal everyday
  6. Sign up for Pampered Chef and learn how to cook at home so I can stop ordering take out…. because by the time I can go back to the gym, I want to make my trainer super proud of me and be down by 25 – 30 lbs… depending on when we go back… 10 pounds at least. 
  7. Blog on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Sundays
  8. Do a live video for Scrap4Less on Wednesday’s
  9. Do YouTube videos on Monday’s and Friday’s
  10. Walk Hope in the morning and Cosmo in the evening. 

I’m calling these my Quarantine Goals


Hope and Cosmo in Hope’s new bed

I’m busy enough – I won’t even hear the Roar and April can bring the Resurrection and New Life – new beginnings…

Stay Steadfast

Stay Strong

Stay Safe and Healthy

Positively, Debbie



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