28 Days – No Junk – Why Me?

Why Me? Then again, Why Not Me? I often go around thinking Why Me Lord? What did I ever do? Why do I have to be suffering right now with a lot of neck and back pain? I don’t even know what I did to make it hurt this bad. Is it my gallbladder? I don’t know… but man oh man, my lower right back feels like somebody is punching me.

If it gets any worse – I will take myself to urgent care. Even though that is the last place I want to go right now. Hospitals – during this time – are to me the same thing as the Hotel California.

Why Me? Why not me? I have made this decision to remove junk from my life… and what better place to start than having to deal with this pain. I have to make a choice now as to how I am going to respond to it. Am I going to complain or take action if it gets worse? Am I going to give up or keep going? The easy way out would be to make the first choice in each question. But if I can perservere through this and keep on eating clean, keep on slowly decluttering, and keep on going – even if it means rest for awhile til my back feels better or I go to the urgent care – then these 28 days will have been worth it…

Day Two – Know your why – Why you? Why me? Why not? Why do you want to remove the junk from your life. To teach you time management, commitment, to be healthier, to lose weight, to become organized? Only you know your why? Knowing your why helps you remain true to your intentions.

Today – I WILL – make it to my workout so my trainer can help me stretch my back out, and eat a salad for lunch. (It was very yummy too.) I will also eat very light and do clear liquids for dinner. Maybe, it will help my gallbladder feel better, if that is where the pain is coming from.

Positive Affirmation “I control my thoughts. I control my actions. I control my emotions. I am responsible for my success.” – Andy Andrews

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