Brrrr! It’s a Cold Day

All last week, I ran my air conditioner, since it was usually in or near the 90 degree temps and felt hot. Today, I am turning my furnace back on. It’s a cold, gray clouds, rainy kind of day. Some parts of Colorado and Wyoming are seeing snow. They said, where we are located – we are supposed to get 0″ of snow… we shall see. (They were right).

Snow in June? As if everything isn’t all topsy turvy enough in this world?

I feel tired this morning.


Anxiety is not low this morning. I didn’t make it to do my workout after all. The Great Dane puppy and the Chihuahua got in a fight. The Chihuahua peed everywhere – last night. My son made me mad and we argued.  I cried. I miss David and I just lost all energy. I went to Starbucks instead and got a trenta sized unsweet green tea and a ham and cheese croissant. (My usual)

I came home and started working on the garage a bit. I got a few shelves and some of my furniture (going to Willowsone, eventually) moved. Unpacked a box. Put some stuff aside to give to the thrift store and threw some trash away. My workout was rearranging that furniture. I also scared myself when some of the furniture almost fell on me. All I could think of was – and here I am without my phone. 

I got out of the mess, finished moving what I needed moved and called my daughter. I told her she needed to come help load all her boxes and bins into my Yukon, so we can take it to the storage unit and get it out of the garage. (She moved out about two years ago.) It’s definitely time to get it out of my garage.

Then I went to pick her up and we went to Entertainment Mart. I know stores want people to wear a mask and socially distant  – but why? O Why? Do they have to close the public restrooms? I feel like us older people – not elderly –  but older people (50 – 70’s) –  are being discriminated against. I am at that age that when I have to go – I have to go Now!!! But no, I had to hobble run across the parking lot over to the Olive Garden – where they were kind enough to let me use their restrooms. Thank you Olive Garden!!!! You have no idea how much you helped me in a time of dire need.

Then we went to eat lunch at On the Border – chicken tortilla soup is so goooood!!


Heres the card I made today. I still have a lot of pieces leftover from the March 2020 Stampin Up Paper Pumpkin kit –  So, I’m trying to figure out how I am going to use all this up.

I think tonight – I’m going to be using some of the envelopes and using Sketch #255 – which was posted on the Facebook page, Case-ing Tuesday, this morning. (The page is run by Brenda Quintana). The idea is to take this sketch and see what you can come up with. A sample of the sketch is always shown in the Stampin Up Idea book – the sample for this sketch is on page 117. Oh!!! Let me know also, in a comment below, if you would like to receive the brand new 2020 -2021 Stampin Up Idea Book… I will mail you one.

Card-case-ing Tuesday Sketch 255

I cut down some of the envelopes that were used in the kit to make some pretty background paper. I cut a 1″ strip off of each color.


Here is the first card I made. I didn’t do background stamping on this card. It’s kinda like the sketch.


This is the second card and I did background stamping – stamping a border of a yellow flower around the card.


I don’t know. I think I like the first card better. The one without the background stamping… The background stamping made it too busy. Maybe if I did a colored cardstock with a tone on tone ink pad? Hmmmmmm…. might have to try that tomorrow.

Card making is therapeutic. Leave me a comment if you would like to learn more about making a card.

Yours truly,

Positively, Debbie





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