I am sighing because, I am tired today. I got up and went to my workout. It helped. I got really, really sleepy this late afternoon. I think I’ll go to bed early tonight. It’s hard to go to bed so early in the summertime since it stays light out longer.

My workout felt good. I did 12 dumbbell rows while kneeling on a Bosu Ball, 12 forward lunges onto the Bosu Ball while holding dumbbells, deadlifts into tricep kickbacks, 12 dumbbell curls standing on a Bosu Ball, then 4 minutes on the treadmill. Repeat 3x and walk on the treadmill for another 20 minutes.

I drove out to the countryside and picked up a couple of face masks that I asked a lady to make for me. I told her, because of my asthma, I need a really lightweight face mask. So she made me one out of lace and a really thin cotton. Super cute. They look very Victorian. Don’t hate me… I am not a face mask wearer. I don’t condone them at all. BUT – I have a hair appointment coming up and I have been going to this hairdresser forever and I don’t want somebody new. So…since she wants everyone to wear a face mask – I will go on this adventure with her. Only for her though.


Nothing wrong with my eye – the light was glaring in it…

My daughter took me to Target and I got some grapes and salad mix and spinach. I feel so healthy… haha

I had a smoothie for breakfast from Daily Harvest

I had chicken fajitas from Chilis for lunch. I met up with a friend of mine – it was good to see her. Those fajitas were soooooo good…


I got my card made today… I said a blog and a card a day to keep the anxieties away. Today, was a pretty good day. No anxiety attacks.

I am still going through March’s 2020 Paper Pumpkin – seeing what I can come up with. I did a lot of stamping on this card – using the two stamp sets that came in the kit. I really like the cloud and raindrop stamps. I love the saying, “No matter the weather we’re in this together.” I’ve never used the door stamp or the flower basket stamp yet, so I wanted to try them. I stamped those, colored them with my colored pencils and then fussy cut them out. The flower basket and the circle punch out are popped up with dimensionals.


I will do a video on Friday – not sure if I will go live or pre-record.

What do you think?

Well… short and sweet but that’s all for now. I am going to go to bed – hopefully, I can get the dogs to settle down…

I need to find another good show to Binge Watch.

I’ll remain

Positively, Debbie


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