Boo to Candy

…Not boo to candy because I don’t like candy. I love candy! I love gummy candy, Reeses anything and a good tootsie roll lollipop. Candy is my downfall. Sugar is my addiction. And when a person is on the fast track to diabetes and addicted to sugar….it is so hard to avoid it.

Then Halloween comes along and all the holidays after it, that are chock full of chocolate, desserts, and pastries and more candy. What is a person to do? What am I to do? I always keep an ongoing candy bowl in the kitchen, starting in the month of October. Honest to goodness, I fill that bowl at least two – three times before Halloween gets here. Especially, if my son is at home or we have a lot of guests. I also take my fair share of all the tasty tidbits.

So this year, I have come up with three tips that I will try between now and Halloween. Tips that will help me keep my blood sugar stable and help me lose weight too.

  1. I am going to buy myself the really good, decadent, pricy, rich chocolate. Like a 75% Cacao bar, or a Theo’s candy bar or a bag of Ghiradelli Sea Salt and Caramel chocolate squares. Then I will keep it in the fridge where I will only imbibe once a day… if I feel the need to do so. (Maybe the husband will buy me some more Black Forest Juicy Burst gummy candy, which I love).

2. For the time being, until Halloween, I am only buying the cheap Dollar Tree candy to keep in the bowl. The candy that I can live without. I have also bought some non candy items to put in the bowl: little stamps, mini pens, little stickers, spider rings, erasers and notepads.

3. The day before Halloween, I will buy one or two bags of decent Halloween candy, like the Reeses mix, and the Hersheys mix of candy bars. That way the trick or treaters, if they come this year, won’t egg our mailbox cause all we had was cheap Dollar Tree candy.

…And just so you know, our house will be open for trick or treaters this year. If you don’t mind… I don’t mind. One year, I made up treat bags, loaded with candy and prizes. I had 16 of them and the first 16 trick or treaters got the treat bags. Then I went back inside and turned off my porch light. I might do that again this year. I’m kind of not expecting that many trick or treaters this year. Last year, we only had one trick or treater show up, dressed up like a Christmas tree.

I also want to take the Great Danes for an evening Halloween constitutional while it is dusk. Not in the dark or they would go all Scooby Doo on me.

I might even go stand in my booth at Willowstone and hand out candy…. if I’m allowed to. I hate Covid!!

How do your handle your Halloween candy consumption?

Remaining True to Nutrition

Trying to –

Positively, Debbie

One thought on “Boo to Candy

  1. Helen says:

    We don’t celebrate Halloween, so we don’t keep the candies in our house in the first place, which is ESSENTIAL to not partaking. If it’s here, I’ll eat it!


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