An October 31st Invitation to a Birthday Party

You are cordially invited to Cosmos 1st birthday party on Sat, October 31st – starting at 6:30 pm. Please RSVP if you are coming by October 28th. Even if you don’t want to stay, stop by and say hey!

I am having special “pup”cakes made just for Cosmo and his friends. And human cupcakes for the humans that show up.

The humans will also be eating French Dip sandwiches and French Fries.

Cosmo and his friends will get the leftovers.

There will be Halloween candy and a few other sides and appetizers.

All dogs are invited along with their hoomans.

I cant believe this dog is one already. We picked him on Christmas Day in 2019. Who knew he would come to live with us during a crazy, hectic year? I think God knew we needed him. He has kept us all on our toes. He has also brought us much joy and laughter with his crazy “Cosmoduke” antics.

He loves getting into the trash.

He loves playing with all his bones and toys.

He is getting quite adept at drop it.

He loves treats and will sit and lie down for them.

He loves his big pillow bed, even though half of him hangs off it now. He knows that it is his spot. And in case you are wondering, he doesn’t much like to be on the big king size bed with everybody on it. He doesn’t like to be crowded.

He loves Hope. Tolerates Journey and is okay with Jubilee.

He loves everybody – no shyness with him. Hope is okay with that.

He loves being outside.

And every now and then at the right time, when he’s feeling sleepy, he will climb up beside you and tuck his head behind your back and snuggle. Those are the best times. Stay young – little one.

How he went from 15 lbs to 115 pounds? He is bigger than Hope now.

I love this dog.

Positively, Debbie

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