November 5th, Gratefulness and a Scrapbook Layout

November is underway. The elections are over. Well… sort of, not really. This may take awhile. Never before have I ever witnessed the election process going this slow. Never have I seen a political party so against another party winning that they try to sabotage votes.

It is also November 5th today – when Marty McFly went back in time to 1955, the very same day that Emmett L Brown conceived the possibility of time travel. Maybe, somebody could travel back in time today and fix America. (That would be cool)

Ahhh November! It is my favorite month. Not just because it is my birthday month but it is the season of gratefulness. (Maybe thats why election day is in November? HA!) No matter how things go during this month, the rest of the year or into 2021, we must always remember to be grateful – for the past, present and the future.

My sister posted this gratefulness challenge on Facebook and it looked like a fun one to play along with.

Day One – It is hard to pick just one thing about my body. I am just grateful that God created me – all of me, from my hair down to my feet. He chose my gender. I am “fearfully and wonderfully knit together.” He made me and God does not make junk.

Day Two – I am grateful for sunrises and sunsets and purple mountain majesties. So beauteous.

Day Three – I love the song by Miley Cyrus – The Climb. I am grateful for the inspiration it has given me throughout the years of my healthy living journey.

Day Four – I look back on my life and, (not to toot my own horn) but I have accomplished a lot. But the accomplishments I am most grateful for are my three children. I feel like motherhood and raising your children is quite the accomplishment. I am sooooooo proud of all three of my children and who they have become.

Day Five – How do you choose just one friend to be grateful for? I am grateful for all my friends – past, present and future, in person or on social media. A special shout out to Lee Sla and Helen Williams though – they just inspire me and motivate me.


Today’s creative endeavor is a scrapbook layout. The photos are of Hope, my almost 4 year old Great Dane and her muddy paws. I don’t know when or why we started calling muddy paws dirty birdies. I think my daughter started it when she was a youngster and it just stuck. With that innocent face looking up at me, I could not get mad at her for tracking mud in with her “dirty birdies.”

I used Martha Stewart shredder scissors to cut the grass paper to make it look more like grass. I used a lot of scrap designer papers from Stampin Up, some cardstock for matting the photos and a Paper Pumpkin stamp set for the clouds and raindrops. The paw prints are from some stickers that I have had forever.

Thanks for reading.

Hang in there

and I will be

Positively, Debbie

One thought on “November 5th, Gratefulness and a Scrapbook Layout

  1. Helen says:

    Yes, to pick just one friend would be too hard. But thank you for thinking of ME! I love you lady!!!! We could start up a mutual admiration society group.

    Right now, I’m up at Charis Bible College in Woodland Park for a women’s conference and loving every minute of it! I’ll be back Saturday night sometime. I’m already taking notes for future blog posts!!!

    I love you, Deb!!!!


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