Round Two, Finished Finish and a Card

Round 2

Round 2? It feels like the beginning of Round 2. Just when it felt like everything was getting better and wham – the county we live in has a new favorite color of orange… maybe, soon to change to red. I can’t really tell the difference between orange and red. The guidelines seem the same, maybe, just a tad different. Some counties in our state have had their favorite color change to red. At least, not that I know of, no counties have a favorite color of purple. My favorite color is still green. I say let us protect our neighbors and ourselves – let us weigh the risks of how we will take care of ourselves whenever we go out.

Will that ever happen again? Now our counties favorite color is back to red. Goodbye dining in – again.

#SeizetheDay #TakeaStand


Finished Finish

Meanwhile, I just finished reading the book by Jon Acuff, FINISH – Giving Yourself the Gift of Done.

The premise of the book is basically, setting goals and perfectionism don’t mix too well. Perfectionism always gets in the way of getting things done. Jon Acuff even wrote that – on page 5 of the book. “If you want to finish, you’ve got to do all that you can to get rid of your perfectionism right out of the gate.”

It makes sense. I know that whenever I start feeling like I have missed the mark, because I skipped a day of perfect clean eating, or I missed a workout, or I missed a day of crafting (even though I said I would make something everyday), I want to give up.

I have so many journals, cause I write halfway through a journal, then I make a mistake, or my pen leaks, or I spell a word wrong and I have to go buy a new journal and start again.

Or… I stopped going to a fitness trainer earlier this year because of stress. But then, I felt guilty for not working out – even though my body needed to rest – after 10 years of daily workouts. I felt less than perfect and I gained my weight back. Now – I need to start again…but that feeling of being less than perfect makes it hard to get motivated. Why should I? If I start again, I might fail again. Now, I need to read Jon Acuff’s book – START

Here are some quotes I liked from his book

Day 1 isn’t the most important day of a goal. The day after perfect is.”

Make it fun if you want it done.”

Perfectionsm is a desperate attempt to live up to impossible standards.”

Never play golf at night.”

The worst thing about perfectionism – it keeps you home, it traps you on the couch, it makes sure you never try.”

A goal unfulfilled may grow dim, but it never grows dark.

Maybe a troll is just someone who lost to perfectionism so many times that he gave up on his own goals and decided to tear down someone else’s…(reminds me of some left wing liberals).

Lets Finish 2020 strong.


Here are a few cards I recently created.

How I feel about this year
I like how this one turned out

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

I did!

Heres to remaining positive and staying strong.

Positively, Debbie

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