100 Days

Today, January 31st 2021, starts the #100DayProject. This year, I am doing three projects. Two of them are kinda combined.

The first project I’m doing with my hubby. We are going to do a #100DaysofNoEatingOut…(starting tomorrow), since we didn’t think of it til after breakfast and we ate out at breakfast and we are eating out tonight at steak restaurant – Hello filet mignon!!!

This is not going to be an easy project – I hate cooking! I love to eat out and we do a lot of it. I mean a lot! Sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. However, for our health, we need to say goodbye to the fast food and the sit down restaurants, buckle in our belt, and NOT EAT OUT!!! 100 Days! We got this right? We will be healthier and our pocketbook will be fuller. Eating out is getting really expensive, (especially Door Dash and Grub Hub). Let the adventure begin.

The second project I’m doing is #100DaysofHappyMailCardmaking – I’m going to make a card everyday that I will send to someone. Hopefully, it will cheer the person up and give them encouragement. Most people like getting a letter or card in the mail.

I have been inspired by Abigail Adams – her husband John Adams and herself – exchanged over 1,000 letters. This was before the time of emails so everything was written by hand. I want to bring back the art of sending a card or a letter in the mail to someone.

Abigail Adams writing a letter

Also, if you get a card from me…

  1. Take a picture of yourself with your card – hopefully smiling
  2. Message it, text it or email it to me.
  3. At the end of the 100 Days, I am going to compile all the photos and turn them into a book.

I’m also going to share my cards in a blog everyday. Yeah, I’ve said that before… but I really hope to do this.

Here is Card #1 – I’m going to give it my husband.

The Card I made – using Stampin Up’s Mountain Air stamp set, Crumb Cake, Mossy Meadow, Old Olive and Balmy Blue ink pads, and a moose punch – which I think is retired?

David with his card… I am pretty sure it made him happy…

Let me know if you would like to be on my happy mail list… Sometime in the next 100 days you will get a handmade card made by me : )

Until then

Take care


Positively, Debbie.

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