100 Day Reset

I started out the #100DayProject with good intentions. Me and the husband (or the husband and I) were not going to eat out for 100 days and I was going to make a card everyday. Then the very next day… the Great Dane bit the Chihuahua and we had to take him into the ER vet. Then two days later the Great Dane got very sick… wasn’t moving, eating, or drinking. So we rushed him to the ER vet. He had a temperature of 105 degrees. They don’t really know what was wrong with him but they treated him for gastrointestinal upset. We took him to his regular vet the next day and they gave him some antibiotics, which really seemed to help.

So, because of the long waits, in the car, at the ER vet, the NOT going out to eat got thrown out the window. You can’t sit in a car for 4 hours long and not get hungry. When I get hungry, I get really hangry. So we ate out. Not once but a couple more times that week. Then this past week, well, it was really cold and it has been snowing for three days in a row. Nobody wants to go grocery shopping when it is below zero. The best thing I could make…. was a GrubHub order.

But I really wanted to do this 100 day project. After much retrospection and reflection on what I wanted to do… I have decided, I am going to do 100 Days of Posting a blog or a video or maybe a combination. I really want to build my subscribers on my You Tube channel (that’s my goal) …. and thank you to all of you who keep following me on this blog. I really appreciate all of you.

Plus, not eating out for 100 days is a bit beyond me. I do however want to learn to cook more at home. So in 100 days my goal is to cook something at home. I will give myself 10 tokens for eating out. That means every ten days, I can eat out. Be prepared for a lot of recipes. Send me recipes to try. I need healthy, whole food recipes. I think I’m going to start with my Whole 30 Cookbook. At the end of the 100 days, I hope to have dropped 25 to 30 pounds. That’s my goal.

Disclaimer: Any of the above may take longer than 100 days… but I’m not giving up until I get 100 days under my belt… Even it takes me the rest of the year. (Does that make sense?)

How am I going to maintain this momentum? (or how will I stay motivated?)

  1. I need to stay consistent
  2. I need to treat this like my job…. like I am getting up and going to work everyday.
  3. I need to plan ahead and not get caught unprepared
  4. I need to get up early and go do what I need to do…. time management

Let’s see where this journey will take us. Will it take longer than 100 days? Will I reach my goals? Will there be roadblocks or rest areas along the way, when I will need to stop for awhile or take a break? Nobody knows how the journey will go… but the important thing is to start the journey.

One never knows where the journey will go… but you have to at least start.

Update on Cosmo: Today, we are taking Cosmo back to the vet to get a lump on his side checked out. Hopefully, it’s nothing.

Lets start this journey….

Staying Positive

Positively, Debbie

2 thoughts on “100 Day Reset

  1. Helen says:

    I’m glad you’re planning to stick with this. I’ll be encouraged to see what you can do.
    Praying Cosmo is okay. Why did he bite the little one? Is the little okay?

    I miss you, my friend!


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