9 Crazy Things Currently Happening in Life

Life… full of ups and downs, like a rollercoaster, throwing us into the next curve, turning us upside down, getting us sick to our stomach and hurtling us on our way to the end of the line. It seems like sometimes life gets so crazy, hectic at times, it’s hard to keep up with the “extra’s” that life wants to throw at us. We carry on though. We get things done. We plan for the future and somehow, all is well. Here is what has been happening in my life over the past few months.

  • A few weeks ago, we lost one of our pups. Well…it was mostly my daughters pup, although, Izzy, lived at my house quite a few years of her life. She is greatly missed. One of the best little dogs we have ever had. She lived a good long life.
  • My sister moved out of the house. Nuff said.
  • The turkeys are roaming around the neighborhood again and it’s Springtime. Usually, I don’t see the turkeys roaming about until the Fall. Cosmo (our male Great Dane) heard them gobbling this morning, in the field behind us and had to run outside to bark at them. I guess the turkeys feel safe roaming around the neighborhood when it’s close to Easter. People usually eat ham at Easter.
  • I think Spring has finally arrived. I’m tired of Sprinter, where one day it’s nice and sunny and the next day it’s cold and snowy. I am ready for rain, flip-flops, shorts and sitting out on the back day enjoying the warm sunshine.
  • We are finally heading out on our maiden voyage with the RV. We bought the RV in October – and unfortunately, too much was going on to venture out with it… but finally, for David’s birthday weekend, we are going to hit the road and get Miss Deloris Bullet (Boo-lay) – set up in a campground. (Yes, we named our RV – Miss Deloris Bullet – pronounced Boo-lay). I can’t disclose where we are going yet, cause this is a surprise camping trip for David. He knows we are going on and when; He just doesn’t know where yet. It’s gonna be fun.
  • These mask mandates are out of control. There are so many inconsistencies surrounding the virus and wearing the mask. Who knows what is what?
  • I am working on a schedule to be more consistent at writing and posting blog posts, editing and posting more You Tube videos and going live once a day to launch Positive Journeys and just chat about what we are doing that day on our Positive Journey to wellness.
  • Right now, as I am typing, the Great Danes, Hope and Cosmo are sleeping in each others crates. Hope is in Cosmo’s crate and Cosmo is in Hope’s crate. The two little dogs, Jubilee and Journey are curled up in the closet next to me, sound asleep. Journey is snoring. It is so peaceful in the house right now.

And now, like all good things have to end sometime, so must this blog post. I am going to go rustle me up some lunch and go downstairs to my craft room to see what creative mess my imagination will spark today.

Thanks for reading.

Positively, Debbie

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